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The Spike or Victoria College Review 1936

Mathematical and Physical Society

Mathematical and Physical Society

Hidden from human sight by a mass of series, electrons, equations, differentials, dielectrics, ballistic galvanometers, and other impedimenta of the scientist, the Mathematical and Physical Society, now in its Sixteenth Session, has been maintaning the traditions of the past, and establishing new ones for the future. Although the Society cannot claim to have upset any of the theories of Rutherford, Einstein, James Clark Maxwell, or the late Lord Rayleigh, yet it has certainly helped to spread some knowledge and appreciation of them through the Science Faculty.

The Society travelled many millions of miles in the course of its activities during the Session, as Mr. J. W. Hutchings, B.Sc., on June 9, in outlining "Some Aspects of Astronomy" organised a personally conducted tour of the Moon, while Mr. R. C. Hayes, of the Dominion Observatory, on July 2 took us all over New Zealand in the study of "Seismology." Then

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followed some time later, a very short journey with Mr. C. N. Watson-Munro, B.Sc., on July 28, to the oentre of the atom, while considering "Recent Advances in Nuclear Physics." Other lectures delivered during the year, which were no less instructive and enjoyable than those mentioned above, were "Electro-Magnetic Radiation," Mr. R. J. Meek, B.Sc., on June 24, and "Service Area of Broadcasting Stations," Mr. G. Searle, B.Sc., on July 14, while on August 11, the Honours Students in the Physics Department gave an account of their researches for the year. Visits were organised to "Rangatira" on Floating Dock, Dominion Observatory, and Ventilation System, Mt. Victoria Traffic Tunnel. The lectures and visits were well attended, as were the suppers after the former, so kindly provided by Mesdames Florance and Miles, to whom are due the thanks of the Society. Altogether a most successful year.