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The Spike or Victoria College Review 1936

Athletic Club

page 75

Athletic Club

From the point of view of success in competition, the 1935-36 season was not a particularly good one for the Athletic Club, but from the point of view of building up the club it can be claimed that work has been proceeding steadily and satisfactorily. We have a large number of young athletes who, with coaching and steady training, give promise of success in the near future.

As far as open competition is concerned it was again very noticeable that the athletes who achieved any success were those who trained consistently and regularly throughout the season. And although the enjoyment of athletics is derived from the competition, the pitting of one's strength and stamina against that of one's opponent, and from the physical well-being resulting from healthy exercise, yet success in competition contributes largely to that enjoyment. We cannot stress too strongly the necessity for regular and consistent training.

At Tournament, held in Wellington this year, we were not particularly successful, except in retaining the Athletic Wooden Spoon. However, the Tournament Athletic meeting was a great success despite a temporary break in the fine Easter weather, and many fast times were registered. Place-getters in the Victoria team were P. T. Bowie, 1st 120 yards Hurdles; H. J. M. Abraham, 2nd in 220 yards Hurdles (equalling the record in his heat), L. S. Black, 2nd to V. P. Boot in the Mile Flat, and W. R. Birks, 2nd in the Mile Walk.

Members of the club who represented Wellington Province were P. T. Bowie, 2nd 120 yards Hurdles at the New Zealand Championships and 1st in 120 yards Hurdles against Canterbury; W. R. Birks, 1st and D. R. Currie 3rd, in Mile Walk against Canterbury; L. S. Black, T. A. Rafter, B. M McIntosh, H. M. Abraham, R. C. Morpeth, and M. O'Connor who represented Wellington against Canterbury.

Although the Club did not attain a very high place in the Dewar Shield inter-club competition, the fine effort of Black, Watt and Baker in winning the half-mile event must be commended. Phil. Bowie won the 120 yards Hurdles, Abraham tied for 1st place in the 220 yards Hurdles event, and Birks won the Mile Walk.

In the scratch competition decided on points awarded at weekly meetings throughout the season, Varsity took an active part, and the green singlet was much in evidence at the meetings each Monday night. These meetings are very good training and are very enjoyable, and enable all members to enjoy racing in their own standard. Only two trophies came our way, B. M. McIntosh winning the A grade field events trophy and W. R. Birks the walking trophy.

An innovation was introduced at Interfaculty this year—the inclusion of Massey Agricultural College competing as a separate faculty. Massey sent down a team of eight men which added largely to the interest of the meeting. In view of the fact that students from Massey will be eligible for inclusion in Victoria's Tournament team in future, we look forward to this visit at Interfaculty as a regular event. The sports were a great success, all events showing big fields of competitors, and Arts and Science winning the banner by a narrow margin.

Owing to a heavy programme of open competition this season, very few club meetings were held, but each such meeting brought a good attendance of members and competition was keen for the Old Members' Cup, awarded for most points scored at these meetings.

The Club's trophies have been awarded for the season as follows:

Old Members' Cup: M. O'Connor.

Ladies' Cup (for best performance at Interfaculty): H. J. M. Abraham.

Oram Cup (for most points at Interfaculty): H. J. M. Abraham.

Heineman Cup (for most improved athlete): J. S. Adams and D. R. Currie.

Dunbar Cup (for most points scored in open competition): P. T. Bowie.