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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1936. Volume 7. Number 16.

Surrealism In Art

Surrealism In Art.

Dear "Smad,"

I read with interest your correspondent's views on "This Art Business." Perhaps this may stimulate some much needed discussion on artistic topics in an institution where culture should be a byword.

In support of "A.B.C.'s" letter, permit me to make a few observations along the same lines. It seems fairly clear to me that in these days there is a lot of incomprehensible crudity masquerading as art-not only in painting and sculpture, but also in other branches, such as literature and drama. Obscurity and even obscenity are hailed as virtues. Our own "Spike" have both been tainted by it. (e.g. "Madness in the Moonlight" and most of "P.B.A.'s" stuff.).

But the worst feature is that it is being encouraged. The fault lies, not so much with the artists who think it is art, as with those who applaud them as geniuses. It has always struck me that ignorance and smobbery are at the bottom of all this. People see something which they cannot understand. They don't know what it's meant to be. Rather than admit this they proclaim it "brilliantly clever," "subtle," "stark," "ruggedly beautiful," etc. In reality it is merely glorified ugliness and the sooner art critics and art patrons realise this the better it will be for modern art.

I am, etc.,