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The Spike or Victoria University College Review 1935

Club Officers, 1935

page 96

Club Officers, 1935

Anti-War Movement.—Secretary-Treasurer. J. D. Freeman; Committee: Miss o. Harkness, Messrs. Davidson, Katz, Kelly.

Athletic Club.—Club Captain, S. G. Eade; Deputy Captain, C. B. Allan; Secretary-Treasurer, R. C. Morpeth; Committee: W. R. Birks, P. T. Bowie, A. S. Henderson, H. M. Mcintosh, F. H. Stephenson.

Basketball Club.—Club Captain, M. Bell; Vice-Captain, J. Grainger; Secretary-Treasurer, S. Fraser; Committee: M. Lancaster, M. Walker.

Boxing Club.—Club Captain, A. H. Armour; Vice-Captain, R. W. Edgley; Secretary-Treasurer, A. F. Wilton; Committee: G. B. C. Bliss, M. Lima, R. J. Meek, M. O'Connor.

Commerce Society.—Chairman, W. H. Tho-dey; Secretary, L. Withy; Treasurer, H. Halstead; Committee: A. Wilton, R. S. Odell. H. M. Mcintosh.

Crickbt Club.—Club Captain, H. R. C. Wild; Secretary, A. G. Wicks; Treasurer, A. F. Wilton; Committee: D. K. Carey, D. S. Dean, J. R. Stevens, G. S. Sainsbury (replaced on departure from Wellington by W. Tricklebank).

Debating Society.—Chairman, A. H. Scotney Vice-Chairman, C M. P. Brown; Secretary. D. W. Mc-Elwain: Treasurer, J. N. Sellers; Committee: Misses M. Shortall, D. Souter, Messrs. K. Scott, K. Tahiwi.

Defence Rifleclub.—President, S H. Perry; Deputy-President, F. J. McWhinnie; Secretary, H. M. Sansum; Treasurer, A. O. Wansborough; Committee: H. J. Abraham, D. H. K. Ross.

Dramatic Club.—President, D. Tossman; Vice-President, C. Wright; Secretary, J. B. Aimers; Treasurer, G. A. Gallagher; Committee: Misses Crombie, Edwards, Harkness, Messrs. Gow, Simpson, Macaskill.

Evangelical Union.—President, R. S. Millers: Secretary, M. M. M. Boyd; Treasurer, E. A. Missen.

Fencing Club.—Club Captain, J. H. Holderness; Secretary, D. C. Souter; Committee: H. D. Turnbull, C. H. Hutton.

Football Club.—Club Captain, R. E. Diederich; Deputy Captain, G. Rae; Secretary, H. R. C. Wild; Treasurer, D. K. Carey; Teams' Officer, W. R. Birks; Committee: Messrs. Blacker, Bansgrove, O'Shea, Wilton.

Free Discussions Club.—President, Dr. I. L. G. Sutherland; Chairman, C. M. P. Brown; Secretary, R. E. Jack; Treasurer, K. Gough; Committee: Misses M. Hurst-house, S. Williams, Messrs. Scott, Currie, McElwain.

Glee Club.—President. Dr. A. C. Keys; Vice-Presidents, R. L. Hutchens, J. S. Withers; Secretary-Treasurer. S. M. Sanders; Committee: Misses L. E. Irwin, S. Williams, Mr. B. Kirkcaidie.

Gymnasium Club.—Chairman, M. Butler; Secre-tary-Treasurer, N. Bayfield; Committee: Misses M. Bell, B. Bush, S. Sanders.

Harrier Club.—Club Captain, D. A. Viggers; Secretary-Treasurer, A. G. Bagnall; Committee: N. T. Clare. W. B. Lang, F. B. Shorland.

Men's Hockey Club.—Club Captain, H. O. Williams; Secretary, K. Tahiwi; Committee: L. B. Denby, F. H. Stewart, J. S. Withers.

Women's Hockby Club.—Club Captain, N. Webber; Secretary-Treasurer, N. Bayfield; Committee: Misses A. Harding, E. Gibbons, C. Robertson.

Labour Club.—Secretary, O. D. Harkness; Committee: A. Katz, A. Marks, E. Suckling, D. Jenkins, R. Taylor.

Law Faculty Club.—Chairman, J. C. White; Secretary, R S. C. Agar; Treasurer, A. G. Wicks; Committee: D. W. Arcus, R. C. Connell. H. S. Sivyer, W. H. Thodey.

Literary Society.—Chairman. A. Katz; Secre-tary, C. Childs; Treasurer, E. R. Chesterman; Committee: Miss P. Edwards, Messrs. D. Freeman, M. Lima, R. G. Tosswill.

Mathematical and Physics Society.—President, H. J. M. Abraham; Vice-Presidents, R. J. Meek. C. N. Watson-Munro: Secretary, G. Searle; Committee: Messrs. J. B. C. Taylor, D. Patterson, C. W. Stewart.

Natural History Society.—President, N. K. Welch; Secretary, D. H. K. Ross: Committee: Miss S. Donne. Messrs. D. R. Currie, A. C. Kaberry.

Photographic Club.—Chairman, O. A. E. Hughan; Secretary-Treasurer. H. L. Whitworth; Committee: Miss F. Smith, Messrs. R. S. Odell, I. S. Hunt, C. H. Smythe.

Rowing Club.—Club Captain, H. M. Mcintosh; Secretary, D. F. McLeod; Treasurer. F. J. McWhinney; Committee: J. F. Eggers, G. Milne, W. M. Willis.

Science Society.—President, N. T. Clare; Vice-Presidents. Miss A. S. Donne, Mr. R. J. Lancaster: Secretary. C. W. Stewart; Committee: Misses R. E. Miller. E. J. Bush, Messrs. K. J. McNaught, D. R. Currie.

Student Christian Movement.—Presiden, J. D. Froud; Vice-President, K. E. Hoby; Secretaries. Miss D. Dillner, Mr. W. G. Patterson; Treasurer, L. R. Nash; Committee: Misses D. Glover, M. J. Riley (till Feb.. 1935), A. Nicholson (from Feb., 1935). Mr. H. L. Baker.

Swimming Club.—Club Captain (Men's). M. J. Mason; Club Captain (Women's), N. M. Webber; Vice-Captain (Men's), J. G. Oliver; Secretary-Treasurer, C. I. W. Archibald; Committee: Miss S. Sanders. Messrs. R. C. Bradshaw, R. P. Hall, T. Ennis.

Tennis Club.—President. R. J. Nankervis; Chair man and Club Captain, C. S. Plank; Secretary, E. G. Budge; Treasurer. L. O. Desborough; Committee: Misses D. Briggs, E. Cook. T. R. Gill, H. K. Hurley, Messrs. F. J. Donovan, A. Hutchison, H. S. Sivyer, L. Withy.

Tramping Club.—Secretary, A. R. Perry: Guide. M. R. Coup; Committee: Misses I. Eggers, J. Scott, Messrs. J. H. Croxton, C. W. Stewart, D. A. Viggers, C. Watson-Munro.

Victoria House.—President, S. M. Sanders; Com mittee, L. E. Irwin, E. S. Michael.

Weir House.—President, M. J. Mason; Secretary. R. S. V. Simpson; Treasurer, L. B. Sandford; Committee: H. L. Baker, C M. P. Brown, R. W. Edgley.