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The Spike or Victoria University College Review 1935

Defence Rifle Club

page 81

Defence Rifle Club

Once upon a time there was a team from V.U.C. which won the Haslam Shield, but that, alas! was many, many years ago—three, in fact. Then, for two years, we proudly occupied the bottom shelf, but in 1935, taking a mean advantage of the misfortunes of one of our sister-Colleges, Victoria crept into third place.

Although Otago retained her hold on the Haslam Shield, Victoria has experienced an interesting year. This year's V.U.C. Haslam team consisted of J. H. Croxton, B. D. A. Greig, F. J. McWhinnie, D. H. K. Ross, A. G. Clark, H. M. Sansum, H. J. Abraham, and A. O. Gidall.

Croxton, as top-scorer, put up a higher individual score than has been gained for V.U.C. for some years. In the snap practice he made a decided hit—in fact, nine consecutive decided hits, right in the bull's-eye. His score of 114 was only 5 points below this year's top score for New Zealand, and Croxton well earned the Mills Vase, the reward of the V.U.C. rifleman whose score in any given year most nearly resembles the possible.

Tournament, 1935, was unique in the rifle-shooting field. Probably greatly to the surprise of the Dunedin sharpshooters, Victoria shipped south no fewer than eight riflemen—two as top-scorers, two as representatives in Athletics, and four as visitors. It was a pity that there were no A.U.C. or C.U.C. riflemen present to complete the picture.

On April 23rd, two scratch teams of five men each, representing O.U. and V.U.C, recapitulated the three 300-yard Haslam practices. So ended what was, so far as we are aware, the first N.Z. Inter-University College rifle match ever fired on the same range and on the same day. And that wasn't all, for the victors took us to a little place of good cheer they knew, round the corner from the Varsity, and there all things were liquidated.

We hope that 1936 will see in Wellington at least the two Haslam top-scorers from Auckland, Canterbury and Otago.

The Club's Annual General Meeting will be held early in the third term, and any budding Two-Gun Thomas, especially if he already belongs to none other of the College summer sports clubs, is welcome to join.