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The Spike or Victoria University College Review 1935

The Year's Sport in Review

page 67

The Year's Sport in Review

Written as the Club Notes are by enthusiastic club officials, they provide a detailed account of the season's activities; we suspect however (for the very same reason) that the reader (as each writer) will be unable to see the wood for the trees. A frank, impartial survey is indicated.

A decline in standard generally is revealed by an investigation of the Winter sports season. We exempt from inclusion herein the performances of the Harriers and the Basketball team. Steady work, individually and collectively, has rewarded the former with steady progress culminating as it has in very creditable performance by at least one man in provincial, inter-college and national contest. Apart from a mid-season lapse the Basketball representatives have met with success, their failure to "click" in the Inter-College Tournament being scarcely indicative of their normal standard. However, with the Senior team failing to make first division grade, the selection of a mere four representatives in the New Zealand University team, and the performances of the lower grades best described as erratic, the keenest fan must admit a poor Rugby season. If it was left to the Men's Hockey Club to retrieve our prestige they have verily disappointed; their record sheet affords pathetic reading. Meagre information enables the Women's Hockey Club to escape searching comment. The Boxing Club's lone extra-mural effort annexed for Victoria her only Tournament shield this year: we thank them.

A slightly brighter task is the review of the Summer season's activities. Speaking in terms of collective effort, the triumph of the year was the winning of the Senior Tennis Inter-Club Championship by the College representatives; hopes for conseauent success at Tournament were well-founded, although doomed to disappointment. The lower grade teams, in general competition, were considerably less successful. The Athletic Club, despite ineffectiveness at Tournament, deserves congratulatory comment on its achievement of improved form generally and, more particularly, of certain athletic titles—four provincial, one University, and one national. Excepting creditable performance by the Senior eleven, the Cricket season has been unimpressive. With Tournament as our only criterion, the Rowing has been disappointing, but not altogether discouraging. We record that Swimming at Victoria is steadily recovering a pristine prestige; a national title is in the Club's possession.

We record also, and this with a sense of satisfactory climax, the failure of a Certain Power to disturb our balance and equanimity (not so that of some fellow-institutions overseas) . We mean the Almighty Blue—the god of Stadium, Track and River. At Victoria the sweater and the gown are each accorded due prominence; it behoves that this balance be retained—therein consists Life's lesson.