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The Spike or Victoria University College Review 1935

Tournament, 1935

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Tournament, 1935

On Wednesday, 17th April, the main body of V.U.C Tournament representatives and supporters —some 90 in all—left Wellington for Dunedin, physically fit and full of determination to do two things—to leave the two Wooden Spoons behind them, and to enjoy fully the famous hospitality of Otago. One week later the party returned, their appearance and demeanour ample evidence that they had fulfilled the second part of their mission, but, like bad pennies, those wretched spoons had turned up again with them.

The 1935 Tournament was remarkable for the keenness of the contests and for the efficient organisation and bounteous hospitality of Otago. From the time of that splendid welcome (which none of us will ever forget) till the time of our departure (which some of us find difficulty in remembering) we knew we were among friends and our enjoyment was complete. But V.U.C. must be disappointed in its results, for in two successive years it has failed to get above fourth place. Even so, our six points this year were four times as many as we got at Christchurch, and on our home grounds next year we should be able to field our best teams, and multiply our successes still further.

The Athletic meeting at Logan Park, on Monday, was a keen contest between Otago and Canterbury for the Shield and Auckland and ourselves for the Spoon. The result was in doubt till the end of the day, but finally the trophies were shared by O.U. and V.U.C. B. M. Mcintosh won the High Jump for us against redoubtable opposition. Bowie was second in the 220 Hurdles, and Eade and Birks staged a tie for second in the Mile Walk.

In Basketball we had the highest hopes, but our team lost all three games, 4—6 to C.U.C., 3—19 to A.U.C., and 9—12 to O.U. The team played pluck-ily all through, however, revealing its true form in a keen match with O.U.

Our success in the Boxing Championships more than made up for our bad luck during the last two years. No great hopes were held out when the team set off with one man short, but the long and hard training put in by individual members brought results, and we won the three top weights and the Shield. We congratulate Armour, Ilott and Boswell. The classic of the Tournament was Bosweirs bout with Keane. Our man had spent part of the morning in the Otago Harbour, the Wellington boat in which he was rowing in the Interprovincial Eights having sunk during the race, but he fought vigorously and won splendidly over the N.Z. Blue. Ilott's superb fitness and dogged boxing also set an example to Tournament boxers. But all the members of the team did well, and we feel that their success was largely due to M. R. Brien's enthusiastic coaching.

In the Rowing, V.U.C. entered an eight for the first time since 1932, and put up a good performance, though finishing last—six lengths behind A.U.C., who rowed an excellent race.

The Haslam Shield, for Shooting, was won by O.U, our team being third with 714 points.

The Swimming Shield was won by O.U. with 12 points, V.U.C. getting one point from Meek's third in the 220 Breaststroke. This is a section in which we have never done well, and it is to be hoped that next year we can give a better account of ourselves. Syme, the N.Z. Champion, who has done so much towards Otago's success, will not be available again.

We had hoped that V.U.C. would do well in the Tennis, but here again we had to be content with third place. Our prospects were upset when J. J. McCarthy was defeated in the first round of the Men's Singles. Gosnell did his best to avenge the defeat, and was defeated only in the finals. Miss Edwards and Morrison also reached the finals of the Combined Doubles.

We record the congratulations of the College to J. F. Eggers, A. H. Armour, J. V. Ilott, D. J. Boswell and B. M. Mcintosh, who were the only V.U.C representatives to win N.Z.U. Blues.

We should not forget to notice an unofficial contest held at Dunedin for the Pusey Drinking Horn, presented by Mr. I. D. Campbell, of this College. Here, at least, V.U.C. was able to hold its own, and more, for our team, comprised of rowers and supporters, are the first holders of the trophy. The event was an innovation this year, and so far has not been recog-nised by the Tournament Committee, but it promises to be an annual event.

We should also record, for the sake of posterity, that there was a hectic Inter-Varsity Ball, where the Tournament representatives made Wild Whoopee. We do not presume to comment on the conduct of those present, but we felt that the Ball was a splendid conclusion to a memorable week.

We conclude this review with an expression of our very hearty thanks to Otago for everything that was Tournament, and a reminder to Victoria that the responsibility of next year's Tournament lies with us. We must do everything to ensure that every detail of the necessary organisation is carried out thoroughly and to repay the hospitality and kindness which we have received at the hands of our hosts of recent years. There will be some way in which every student can help, and we all must help if everything is to be ready for the morning of the 10th April, 1936.

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Tournament Representatives, 1935. Crown Studios.

Tournament Representatives, 1935. Crown Studios.

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Crown Studios.

Crown Studios.

First Division "A" Tennis Team.

Winner of W.L.T.A. Men's Competition, 1934-35. W. B. Gosnell, J. J. McCarthy, N. A. Morrison, B. J. McCarthy. Inset: P. A. McCarthy. R. McL. Ferkins (Capt.).

S. P. Andrew.

S. P. Andrew.

Boxing Team.

Winner of N.Z.U. Tournament Boxing Shield.

R. J. M. Meek D. J. Boswell R. W. Edgley R. Akel (Light, Club Capt.). (Middle) (Welter) (Feather) J. Ilott R. Brien A. H. Armour