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The Spike or Victoria University College Review 1935

We Gape

We Gape

It was remarked that the most noteworthy feature of this year's procession was the crowd that watched it. Though the crowd was large, it is not saying much for the procession; unfortunately not a great deal can be said. It was the longest we have had for some years, but Its length was merely reminiscent of the Alexandrine, "which, like a wounded snake, drags its slow length along." Taking into account the two drawbacks with which every procession has to contend, namely, the lack of time for the pre-paration of the lorries, and the compliance with traffic rules, this year's was decidedly below standard. Apart from the fact that the head of the procession travelled too fast and the placards were too small to be read, very many obvious opportunities were missed, such as a bed for the quadruplets and the seating of the Gallstone children in serried ranks, while at the same time there seemed to be little evidence of the quips and wit which are traditionally associated with Varsity burlesque. The performance of individuals, especially the speechifying, was good, but it did not succeed in removing the impression of puerility from the procession as a whole—in fact, the effect was of individuality run riot.

To make a proper success of a procession, still more funds are needed and still greater preparation called for. The preparations should cover at least a month and their aim should be to give continuity to the whole turnout.

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