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The Spike or Victoria University College Review 1935

[untitled poem]

You were, it seemed, the spirit of pure joy
Forever free from sombre thoughts. You sang
Through life a lilting tune of happiness—
That was your greatest charm. Your laughter rang
To cheer the dullest soul, and every care
You parried with a smile and merry quip.
With glowing face upturned and rebel hair
I saw you dancing by the wind-swept sea
And swore you would know only youth. And then—
And then one night you came and played to me;
A gay dance rippled first upon the strings
But changing to some slower quieter strain,
Till as the last note sank on silver wings
You turned and knelt beside the dying fire
Where fading coals were mantled with white ash.
In such a way have I seen children tire
Of play, and wide-eyed with a new found thought,
Stand for a moment wrapt in quietness.
So watching you I saw the fire-light brought
A fuller, deeper beauty to your eyes
Until they shone with that rich steady glow
That love alone can kindle. Your disguise
Of Columbine, to me forever passed;
Your heart had found a sweeter song at last.