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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1935. Volume 6. Number 11.

Some Exec. Candidates on Review

Some Exec. Candidates on Review.

Broadcasting from the printed page, "Smad" takes great pleasure in presenting some Exec. candidates for this year.

Bob Bradshaw.

With much patient persuasion and benignity we elicited from Bob Bradshaw, possibly unknown to himself, that he would be standing for the Presidency this year. While he was not rash enough to disagree with anything so formidable as a "Smad" reporter, Bob hinted that he was not in entire agreement with our editorial of last issue re the sudent public "demanding a constructive programme." However, his tones were so honeyed that we felt his disapproval almost as a compliment. Showing a proper disdain for political methods, he was very reluctant to enunciate any platform. If he were elected, he said, most of his attention would be devoted to seeing that the Building Fund was put on a more active basis and to preparing and organising Tournament. These would take up considerable time.

He was definitely not favourable to the Exec. painting the town red, electing Mae West as patron, or "kicking up too much trouble." Then came the dramatic climax—he "wanted to preserve the same relations between the staff and the students as had existed in the two previous years." This, we felt, must have been borrowed from Gladstone. As for biography, born at the early age of less than one, he soon shone in the preparation of figures, becoming Assistant Treasurer (1932), Treasurer (1933), and Men's Vice-President of the Exec. last year. The Swimming and Football Clubs are his main recreational side-lines.

Dick Wild.

Dick has been nominated for the position of Men's Vice-President He was our Rhodes Scholarship nominee in 1933, has seen two years' service on the Executive, is Club Captain of the Cricket Club, and—crowning glory—was for a while a Sports Editor of "Smad." As minor achievements we note his Presidency of Weir House and three years' secretaryship of the Football Club.

His "sop to the electors" features Tournament and the Building Fund. "There are 200 billers to be found," he said, in tones of sepulchral despair, while fiercely demanding that the new Exec. should start right into Tournament organisation as soon as it was elected.

As for the Building Fund, he suggested that there was great scope for canvassing influential people and bringing the project to their notice. He was in favour of preparing plans for the building immediately, so that we should have a definite figure to aim at. And as a parting theorem he enunciated that "the duty of the Exec. was to do the executive work of the Association." Fortunate is the lot of one who plays the role of the "swine" to these great men!


Last year's efficient Secretary is standing for the same post again, and it is unlikely that anyone will oppose him. Ensconsed in a comfortable Weir House armchair, he was at first disposed to play the oyster, announcing that he had no statements for publication, and then characteristically, plunging into a spate of rhetoric regarding his projected platform. First of all he featured the new Building Fund, briefly indicating a possible lay-out of Kelburn to allow for its being build where the gully below the tennis courts now yawns. With this end in view, his next objective will be to maintain, and, if possible, strengthen, the happy relations between students and the Prof. Board College Council and citizens generally, which are regarded by him as the first essential to any progress in any direction at all. He wants Students Association policy to be such that it will gradually dawn upon enlightened citizens that students are worth while considering and should not be regarded as mere children. A thorough change in the organisation of Capping is another idea which has arisen out of his experience of this year's celebrations. Finally, he had in mind completing the scheme embarked on by him when first elected, of making the Executive into an efficient business organisation. The records system and general lay-out and routine were lashed by his reforming tongue.


Just before going to press we nailed Dick Morpeth to the Gym. and set about extorting a programme from him. He would not again be seeking election as Treasurer, but will offer himself to electors as a prospective committeeman. His object is to carry out to its final conclusion the schemes he has brought into operation in connection with the reorganisation of the Caf., made necessary by the drastic falling-off of sales during the last year. Although these have fallen by £120, the Caf. has, under his management, shown a balance since November, and he hopes that he can maintain his connection with it until it is again running on a sound basis with all necessary adjustments to cope wih the falling-off of revenue properly worked out. He also wants to push the Building Fund, and says that a start must be made right away with the organisation for Tournament.

Next week we will open the arena to the lady candidates and some of the newcomers.