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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1935. Volume 6. Number 11.

"And Damned Be Him That First Cries Hold, Enough."

"And Damned Be Him That First Cries Hold, Enough."

Here in this dark, dark world I hold
The dowry of the years
"Damned World!" I cry, but when increasing pain
Saps out what little good is mine
I turn to that confounded darkness men call Faith.
Too anxious for an answer, and I fail.
Curst life! Is there no straining at the leash
For runners hungry after Pleasure?
Out of the yawning darkness of despair I cry
For light, hard after reason,
And a voice, soft voice, still voice, calls back "Enough!"
Enough of trying? If only Joy could come,
True joy, from all abandoned efforts
I would confine my soul to ease.
Yet still I hear that soft voice cry, "Enough!"
And feel its fullest meaning lies beyond this world.
Oh, I have had enough of this confounded world:
I have known its sorrows and its pangs.
Give me another role within another drama
Outside this present life of ours,
A role behind the stage, where I could cry, "Enough!"
And then, when all that life had stood for
Reveals itself in worthy actors,
And, bearing down upon me my past failings,
Cuts through the conscience like a Roman spear
As if to injure death,
I would cry out, "Enough!"
And know it has no meaning in this world



As yet no intimation has been received from the Exec. as to what they are prepared to offer in the way of prizes for "Spike" this year. It gives those people who consider such materialistic encouragement degrading a chance to show their worthy contempt—they can forward their contributions before any announcement is made.