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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1935. Volume 6. Number 11.

C.U.C. Wins N.Z.U. Hockey Tournament. — Lack of Fitness in 1st XV Causes Collapse

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C.U.C. Wins N.Z.U. Hockey Tournament.

Lack of Fitness in 1st XV Causes Collapse.


On Thursday and Friday the annual N.Z.U. Hockey Tournament was held in Christchurch.


This year, for the first time, Massey College was represented, the home College entering two teams to even the draw. It is a knock-out competition, the winning team holding the Seddon Stick for the ensuing year. This year Canterbury defeated Otago in the final 2-0. Congratulations, Canterbury!

The complete results are as follows:—

First Round.

C.U.C.A. 7, v. Massey 2.

O.U. 6, v. C.U.C.B. 0.

V.U.C. and A.U.C. had byes.

Second Round.

C.U.C.A. 4, v. V.U.C. 2.

O.U. 2, v. A.U.C. 0.


C.U.C.A. 2, v. O.U. 0.


The competition in this division is between four teams only, every team playing every other. This, too, was won by Canterbury, who had three wins. Again we congratulate you, Canterbury!

The results are as follows:

C.U.C. 2, v. V.U.C. 1.

C.U.C. 2, v. O.U. 0.

C.U.C. 5, v. A.U.C. 0.

O.U. 4, v. V.U.C. 1.

O.U. 7, V. A.U.C. 0.

V.U.C. 8, v. A.U.C. 0.

On Saturday a team comprising the N.Z.U. men's hockey eleven played a Canterbury team. The University team won this game 3-1.

A women's team also played a Canterbury team, but in this case the Canterbury team won, 2-1.

The following players from V.U.C. were awarded N.Z.U. Blues for hockey:

Men: F. H. Stewart, L. G. Denby,

Women: M. A. Harding, J. Grainger, and M. Nelligan

We congratulate them on their success!

The Dorne Cup.

Bagnall Runs Well.

Last Saturday the University Harrier Club fielded 19 competitors in the annual race for the Dorne Cup at the Hutt Park. A record field of 180 runners form nine clubs faced the starter, and keen racing was experienced over a much-improved course. Scottish Club secured the teams' race, and G. Prosser, of Brooklyn the individual title; but we were well up at all stages, finishing our 10 men to fourth place in the teams' race.

A. G. Bagnall ran into sixth place with M O'Connor tenth, after keeping each other in sight for most of the five miles. The remaining eight men who constituted the team were Lang, Porter, Horsley, Shorland, Price, Viggers, Cooper, and Garnham.

Much of the credit for the good performance of the club is dus to our excellent trainer, Mr G. C. Sherwood, and it is hoped that his efforts will meet with even more gratifying results for the remainder of the season. Of those who ran particularly well, Porter, Horsley, and Viggers deserve mention, while T. Price is returning to form after his enforced spell. The failure of two prominent runners to make the team indicates that there is room for continued consistent training on the part of all.

Offside play by a 'Varsity forward enabled Newman to have a shot at goal, but he failed. Immediately Hutchinson cut through, nicely beating his man, had passed to Kelly, who scored. The kick failed.

'Varsity 6, Wellington 3.

The second spell opened with fumbling by 'Varsity backs, and in the first few minutes Pedrotti, the Wellington winger, scored in the corner. The shot at goal was unsuccessful.

'Varsity 6, Wellington 6.

At this stage the game became very even, both sides tackling well, and play remained at the centre of the field till nearly the end of the game, when Wellington gradually wore down 'Varsity's defence. Hutchinson looked dangerous, but the defence still held. Offside play by two 'Varsity forwards in succession right in front of the goal-posts gave Newman his chance, and his second attempt put Wellington in the lead.

Wellington 9, 'Varsity 6.

With but a few minutes to go, 'Varsity collapsed and Kelly ran through to score again. Newman added the major points and the whistle went for time.

Wellington 14, 'Varsity 6.

* * *

I hear you wouldn't let him kiss you on account of his passion?—Yes, his passion for onions.

'Varsity V. Wellington.

Wellington met 'Varsity at Prince of Wales Park last Saturday for the first game in the second round of the Senior A Second Division Championship. Wellington being one of the leaders in Senior B at the end of the first round, were promoted to Senior A Second Division, and justified their promotion by defeating 'Varsity by 14-6.

The match started with some fast rushes, and the defence on both sides was sound until Wild snapped up a misjudged clearing kick and handed on to Overton, who ran round to score wide out. The kick failed.

'Varsity 3, Wellington 0.

A short while later 'Varsity improved the score when Tricklebank found the uprights form a difficult penalty kick.

'Varsity 6, Wellington 0.

The 'Varsity backs, though not getting their share of the ball from the scrums, were now moving brightly and with co-ordination. However, Wellington's backs were standing right up to their men and passing movements did not gain much ground.

Results in a Natshell.


Seniors v. Wellington, lost, 14-6.

Junior A v. Oriental, won, 16-3.

Junior B v. Plimmerton, lost, 14-5.

Third A v. St. Pat's Coll., drew, 11-11.

Third C v. Kaiwarra, won, 17-9.

Fourth A v. Miramar, won, 19-3.


Senior A v. Kia Toa, lost, 21-15.

Senior B v. Melrose, drew, 3-3.


Senior B A v. Petone, lost, 5-3.

Senior B B v. Wesley B, lost, 3-2.

Juniors v. Huia B, lost, 7-1.

Third v. Wesley, won, 3-2.

Fourth v. Wesley A, drew, 2-2.


N.Z. University Selector Appointed.

The announcement that Mr. P. Martin-Smith has been appointed sole selector for the N.Z. University Rugby Council, vice Mr. Millard, who has resigned, is very welcome to Rugby followers and especially to those of Victoria. Mr. "Bobby" Martin-Smith is a former Victoria and New Zealand blue, as well as former coach to V.U.C.F.C. The fact that he was coach to our Seniors when they won the Senior Championship is sufficient proof of Mr. Martin-Smith's sound judgment of football ability. "Smad" offers its congratulations to this recognition of his ability.

Prospects for Japan.

The selector of the team to visit Japan at the end of this year watched the game on Saturday, and perhaps he noticed a few tourists doing their preliminaries.

Russell was 'Varsity's best forward. The pack would be improved tremendously if it had a few more workers of his stamp.

Blacker led the team well, but a head injury handicapped this forward's usual good work. For a big man he is very fast.

Chesterman and Eade both played well in the loose, but Hutchinson slipped past them too often.

Lima showed spasmodic bursts. He was beaten for the ball in most of the set scrums.

Wild at centre showed speed off the mark, coolenss, and initiative. He may take Caughey's place in the N.Z.U. team.

Missen should be worth a place in the five-eighths when Rae returns to his post.

Tricklebank was safe and sure with most of his kicks, and his judgment is generally very accurate.

Coming Events.

Thursday, June 26—Anti-War Meeting. Speakers: Gerald Griffin and Allan Free.

June 29-30—S.C.M. Camp at Roseneath School.

Tuesday, July 2—Literary Society. Mr. von Zedlitz will lead discussion.

Semper Idem.

I dream

Of tall white sails

On sparkling summer seas:

Of flying

In an aeroplane

(Like the one out the window),

Of winter games

And wind-whipped, rosy cheeks.

I think

Of Communist fanatics


And of capitalist bigots


Of other world-wide interests.

I think

Of the film I saw last night

And the film-star:

Of one who saw it with me.

I sigh

And return to the monotonous drone

Of the endless, dreary complications

Of Ancient Anglo-Saxon.

We are pleased to announce that the members of the Literary Society who visited the Turnbull Library last week were able to resist the temptation of tearing Bernard Shaw's autograph from the Visitors' Book.

Printed by Geo. W. Slade Ltd., 11 Walter Street, Wellington, for the publishers, Mercantile Newspapers Ltd, Hamilton Chambers, Lambton Quay, Wellington.