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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1935. Volume 6. Number 3.

Let's Put Guts Into The Procession

Let's Put Guts Into The Procession.

In view of the utterly moribund state of our Capping processions, a determined and early effort should be made this year to organise a procession that is Really worth while. "Smad" has listened intently in all corners but has not, so far, heard any murmurs of an attempt to make the procession something more than a memory of the supposedly gay and dashing past.

No More Muddling Through.

We have a suggestion to offer—that the organisation of the procession should be immediately placed in the hands of a Special committee, whose sole duty during Capping Week will be to make the procession a success. Otago can draw the whole population out to see their procession, why can't we?

Deeds, not Words.

The point we wish to stress is that something Must be done, and must be done at once! Don't leave it to the Exec., they will have enough to do as it is. Don't leave it to the Haeremai Club for it is not capable of construction—consumption and destruction are its only activities. The Exec. should, however, appoint four or five men (one from Exec.) to organise everything connected with the procession. We must make people stop, look and listen, when this year's procession sweeps down to uplift and amuse the city.

We Implore correspondence and suggested action.