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The Spike or Victoria University College Review 1934

Cricket Club

page 129

Cricket Club

The 1933-34 season was a very satisfactory one. Although none of the five teams entered in the Association's Competitions reached the top of the ladder, all matches were keenly and generally evenly contested, and considerable improvement was shown throughout all grades.

1st Eleven.

Failure to make runs proved the downfall of the 1st XI., only three scores passing the 200 mark. That the team scored two 8 point wins, and four 5 point wins to four losses speaks volumes for the bowling, which headed by Tricklebank and Dean, was always excellent. The former, by taking 60 wickets, easily headed the list of outstanding bowling performances in Senior Cricket. The batting improved somewhat in the second round and with 36 points Victoria led the second section of the Championship Table. The following were awarded "blues"—Blandford, Cooper, Dean, Edgley, Pacey, Paetz, Stevens, Tricklebank, Vietmeyer.

1st Eleven Averages.

Inngs. N.O. H.S. Total Avge.
K. N. Struthers 4 0 56 117 29.25
B. A. Paetz 15 1 64 295 21.07
W. Tricklebank 16 1 86 306 20.4
J. R. Stevens 17 3 44 235 16.78
J. A. R. Blandford 18 0 70 278 15.44
H. W. Osborn 17 0 64 262 15.41
H. Williams 13 2 52 168 15.27
D. G. H. Cooper 11 1 30 150 15
W. F. Vietmeyer 14 4 30 144 14.4
P. D. Wilson 6 1 33 68 13.6
L. M. Pacey 14 1 28 176 13.53
D. S. Dean 13 6 30 93 13.28
R. S. V. Simpson 2 0 15 25 12.5
R. W. Edgley 10 0 35 72 7.2
R. E. Tripe 6 0 18 36 6
H. C. Bailey 2 0 9 10 5
M. Goodson 7 0 18 35 5
Runs Wickets Avge.
W. Tricklebank 758 60 12.63
D. S. Dean 631 38 16.6
J. R. Stevens 387 17 22.7
W. F. Vietmeyer 234 8 29.25
R. E. Tripe 101 3 33.7
H. Williams 137 4 34.25
P. D. Wilson 35 1 35
R. W. Edgley 163 2 81.5
M. Goodson 5 0
B. A. Paetz 10 0
H. W. Osborn 37 0

2nd Eleven.

The performances of the 2nd XI. were disappointing. Of nine games played, five were lost, three won and one drawn. With a few exceptions the batting was most unreliable, and the bowling though steady lacked sting. Macdonald with 32 wickets at an average of 21.2 had most success with the ball.

Junior B 1.

The Junior B 1 team did not keep up the form of the Junior B2 team of the previous season, losing five matches and winning four. Moore was outstanding with the bat, scoring two centuries, amongst other good scores. The Middlebrook brothers shared the bowling honours with 29 and 27 wickets respectively.

Junior C.

The Junior C's. did not win any matches, but they profited from the experience against stronger teams, and towards the end of die season made some good scores.

Christmas and Easter Tours.

The Christmas tour was according to the reports of the Manager, Mr. Carey, "a most successful and enjoyable one in every respect." Although the summary of results was three drawn games and one loss, some very exciting and sporting cricket was played. A few headlines from the local papers indicate the type of cricket; v. Wanganui, University defeated. Visitors' Sporting Knock; v. South Taranaki, Victoria Six Wickets for 325, Blandford makes 184; v. North Taranaki, Game's Exciting Ending, win missed by 2 runs; v. Manawatu, Visitors' Big Score, Paetz makes a century.

A tour to Wanganui and Marton at Easter replaced the Speight Trophy match against A.U.C., Auckland being unfortunately unable to send a team. Two very enjoyable holiday matches were played. In the first, Wanganui Technical Old Boys won by 110 runs, but in the game against a Rangitikei XI. Victoria scored a meritorious victory.

New Zealand University Cricket Council.

Early in the season Mr. J. Carrad suggested forming a N.Z. University Cricket Council, the main objects of which would be to arrange and control N.Z.U. Cricket matches, arrange for the selection of N.Z.U. teams, and recommend for the award of "blues.' Steps were taken to ascertain the opinion of the other Universities on, the scheme, and Otago, Canterbury, and Auckland were enthusiastic. A Conference was arranged during Tournament week and a draft constitution was drawn up. Certain matters have still to be decided but it is hoped that the Council will be formed during this season. The team selected will probably not play at first, but the day is not so very far distant when games both in New Zealand and abroad will be arranged.

The Club has to thank its Patron, Professor Mackenzie, and its Vice-Presidents for their interest and assistance, and particularly its President Mr. Cornish for hiring the Buckle Street Drill Hall last season for some invaluable practice before the grounds were opened.