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The Spike or Victoria University College Review 1934

Victoria University College Graduates . . . 1934

page 120

Victoria University College Graduates . . . 1934

Masters of Arts with Honours.

Cairns, Laura Alice (2nd Class in History).

Feltham, Joan Embury (2nd Class in English).

Fieldhouse, Arthur Esmond (2nd Class in Education) o

Harding, Olga Estelle (2nd Class in History). (From Auckland University College.)

Nielsen, Bernice Ola (2nd Class in History).

Paetz, Bernard Arthur (2nd Class in Latin and French).

Patterson, David (2nd Class in Latin and French). (From Auckland University College.)

Perry, Kathleen Mary (2nd Class in English andFrench, 1932).

Porteous, Ailsa Maire (2nd Class in History).

Rawson, Joan Whiteley (2nd Class in English and French).

Watson, Clement Gordon (2nd Class in Latin and French.)

In Absentia:

Grey, Evelyn Helen Patricia (2nd Class in History).

Masters of Arts.

Francis, Vivian Frederick Odem.

Hadfield, Ernestine Mirian.

Le Petit, Eric Norman.

Liddell, Clive Gerrard.

Mills, Stanley Matthew.

Saker, George Thomas.

In Absentia:

Murray, John Richardson.

Diploma of Honours in Arts.

Prideaux-Pridham, Marie (1st Class in French).

Bachelors of Arts.

Briggs, Winifred May.

Browne, Christine Mary.

Coup, Ngaire Elizabeth.

Dillner, Dorathea Marie.

Eggers, Isabella Margaret.

Forde, Catherine Stalker.

Francis, Arthur Charles.

Gambrill, Mollie Dilnot.

Gibson, Arnold Tracey.

Gibson, Thomas William Roy.

Grono, Robert Noel.

Hardinge, Rachel Katherine (nee Reynolds).

Harley, Mary.

Hunt, Brenda Eden Hyland.

Lyons, Lawrence Michael.

Marshall, Jean Frances.

Martin, Mildred Sarah.

Miller, Evelyn Mary (from Canterbury College).

McClymont, Doris Anne.

McElwain, Donald William.

Neill, Margaret Melrose.

Nodwell, Alfred Edward.

Read, Harry Cameron.

Sage, Clive Bateman.

Sansum, Harry Maynard.

Scott, Kenneth John.

Thurston, John Benjamin.

Wilson, Heather Pinnell.

In Absentia:

Bishop, Cecil John.

Geaney, Humphrey.

Hercus, Allan Gordon.

Sellers, John Nesbitt.

Singleton, Joan.

Masters of Science with Honours.

Christie, Andrew Leslie Munro (1st Class in Zoology).

Hoby, Katharine Enid (1st Class in Zoology).

Mcintosh, James Colin (1st Class in Physics).

McKenzie, Margaret Kemp (1st Class in Zoology).

Nash, James Archibald Delacourt (2nd Class in Chemistry).

Salmon, John Tenison (1st Class in Zoology).

page 121

Seelye, Cassilis James (1st Class in Mathematics, 2nd Class in Physics.

Stevenson, Ian Douglas (2nd Class in Physics).

In Absentia:

Anderson, Joan Alice Thama (1st Class in Zoology).

Masters of Science.

Brandt, Carl William.

Hawthorn, Harry Bertram.

Lambert, George Stanley.

Mandeno, John Leighton.

Tyer, Gilbert James Wilson.

Bachelors of Science.

Andrews, David Ernest.

Benson, Norma Beatrice.

Boyd, Mary Mackay Macdonald.

Bydder, Edith Constance Gwenydd.

Clare, Norman Trevor.

Darroch, Ian Francis.

Ford, Walter.

Gibbs, Helena Florence.

Harrison, Thomas Frederick Grattan.

Jackson, Barrie Edward.

Kaberry, Alfred Charles (from Auckland University College).

Kerr, John Ernest Douglas.

Lauchlan, Cecil Gordon.

McGregor, Archibald Andrew David.

McNaught, Kenneth John.

Preston, Lucy Jean.

Rapson, Alan Morris.

Rees, Stewart Grace.

Smith, John Holmes.

Wall, Grace Edith.

Woodford, Alfred Walter.

In Absentia:

Hoben, Ernest Cormac.

O'Connor, Myles.

Young, Frederick Thomas.

Masters of Law with Honours.

Jackson, Maurice Reginald (2nd Class in International Law and Conflict of Laws, Contract and Torts, Negligence, Mistake, etc.).

Joseph, George Israel (2nd Class in Roman Law, Contract and Torts, Negligence, etc.).

Masters of Law.

Kennard, Allan Edward.

Maciver, Andrew Henderson.

Neal, Matthew Gilbert.

Bachelors of Law.

Alston, Donald Victor.

Armstrong, Colin Norman.

Beaumont, Rex Ryerson.

Birks, Walter Richard.

Campbell, Ian Drummond (1932 Examination).

Cotton, Edward Patrick Hugh.

Kember, Frederick John.

O'Brien, Raymond.

Pettit, Ralph Lancelot.

Phillips, Brian George.

Raskin, Owen.

Scholefield, Jack Hardy Bree.

Shanahan, Foss.

Smith, Eric Brabazon (1932).

Thomson, Noel McNair.

Wicks, Arthur Gordon.

Wild, Herbert Richard Churton.

In Absentia:

Charters, John Leslie.

Kent, John Bassett.

Rosen, Harry.

Master of Commerce.

Grant, Lewis Claude.

Bachelors of Commerce.

Bradshaw, Robert Colville.

Bright, William James.

Broughton, Winifred Alice.

Connell, John Andrew.

Crawford, John Power (from Auckland University College).

Haigh, Sidney Archer Murray.

Heggie, Eric Gwilliam.

Orwin, Donald Leolin.

Smith, Frank Ebeling.

Wansbrough, Alexander Osborn.

In Absentia:

Bryden, William Arthur.

Carlyon, Clement Ian.

page 122

Davies, George Henry Lloyd.

Raine, Thomas.

Bachelor of Architecture.

Seward, Robert John (from Auckland University College).

Bachelor of Home Science.

Bogle, Helen Bertha (from Otago University).

Bachelors of Engineering,

Smith, John Holmes (Civil) (1932 Examination) (from Canterbury College).

Wallace, Sinclair Banks (Electrical and Mechanical) (1932 Examination, from Canterbury College).

Diploma in Music.

In Absentia:

Cook, Henry George.

Diploma in Education.

Fieldhouse, Arthur Esmond.

Edwards, Albert Owen.

Gosnell, Wallace Burdett.

Gunter, Cecily Margaret.

Huntington, Elizabeth (1932 Examination).

Le Petit, Eric Norman.

In Absentia:

Daniell, Myra Deane. Fisher, Eric Hayward.

Gill, Horace Claude.

Diploma in Journalism.

In Absentia:

Garner, Edward Hector Legassicke.

Diploma in Social Science.

Hogg, Ralph.

Huntington, Elizabeth.

Levy, lima Maude.

Macdonald, Margaret Mathie. '

In Absentia:

Garner, Edward Hector Legassicke.

Grover, Kenneth Frank Russell.

Diploma in Banking.

Barford, Cecil Dudley.

Barnett, Alfred Arnold.

Blackman, Frank Joseph.

Bullock-Douglas, George Arthur Hardy.

Fleming, Robert Neal.

Fowler, Henry Arthur Douglas.

Gover, John Frederick.

Hill, Raymond Colin Walter.

Keys, Lillian Gladys.

Kilpatrick, Robert Alexander.

Maciver, Donald Edward.

Ross, Douglas McLean.

Stonehouse, Bruce Embleton.

Taylor, Allan Wilton.