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The Spike or Victoria University College Review 1934

A Song of Farewell . .

page 105

A Song of Farewell . . .

To Mr. J. W. Joynt Sung at a Dinner Given by the Victoria College Graduates' Association in Honour of Mr. Joynt

Who is beloved by the whole University?
Who of ripe scholarship has not a scarcity?
Students exclaim without any diversity,
"That is our popular Registrar Joynt."
Soon he is leaving and crossing the sea,
'Varsity Agent in London to be,
Hence this farewelling, our sorrow we're quelling,
The praises we're swelling of Registrar Joynt.


Here's a health to our Registrar Joynt.
For to his record with pride he can point,
Patron aesthetic, and man energetic, and friend sympathetic—
J. W. Joynt.

Who performs tasks of the greatest variety,
Freeing the Senate from any anxiety,
Statutes interprets in case of dubiety?
That is our versatile Registrar Joynt.

He signs the card that brings failure or fame,
Cheques for the scholars inscribes with his name,
Things academical, legal or chemical, sessions polemical, manages Joynt.
He to encourage our speech oratorical,
Argument lucid and words metaphorical,
Gave for debating that shield now historical,
Treasured as trophy of Registrar Joynt.

Though he is going so far from us all,
Yearly his memry that Shield will recall,
Friend of the tournament, umpire and ornament,
soon we'll forlorn lament, Registrar Joynt.
What shall we do on the next yearly capping day,
When we assemble that singing and clapping day
And speakers and students indulge in a "scrapping" day,
Minus the presence of Registrar Joynt?
Then all in vain will the populace wish
To see on the menu our long-standing dish,
Undergrads roasting him, Senators boasting him,
Graduates toasting him—Succulent Joynt.

Soon he'll be back by the lakes of Killarney,
And giving the colleens a taste of his blarney,
With Kathleen Mavourneen, and pretty Kate Kearney,
One on each side of bould Registrar Joynt!
When he gets tired of code words and marks,
Back to his green little island he harks,
Boycotting daily, and dancing jigs gaily, and twirling shillelagh—J. W. Joynt.

Now let him see what you think of his quality,
Give him a taste of your fun and frivolity,
Shout out that chorus of jovial jollity,
"Jolly good fellow" is Registrar Joynt.
When he embarks on his new scholarship,
We'll grasp his hand in a long parting grip,
Eyes strangely wetting, and always regretting, but
never forgetting, our Registrar Joynt.

H. F. von Haast.