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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1934. Volume 5. Number 6.

Pickett Cup Retained — V.U.C. v. Te Aute

page 4

Pickett Cup Retained

V.U.C. v. Te Aute

The Teams:

Te Aute : (red) Lawson, Nicholas, Williams, Rehu, Kihi, Kumeroa, Baker, Wanoa, Goldsmith, Raeinona, Raureti, Te Kani, Rangi, Huata, Tibble.

Victoria : (various shades of green) Wilton (captain), Edgeley, Hall, Hurley, Tremewan, Lee, Adams, Wild, Burke, Buddie, Bond, Holmes, Gibbons, Simpson, Douglas.

Played at Waipukurau on Saturday, August 18th, 1934.

Wilton, wearing his Harlequin cap led the teams on to the field, Simpson who entered alone by the professional's gate receiving an ovation from the crowd. Gibbons opened the attack with an over of short bumpers on Tibb'e's body, Te Aute retaliating with a King Foo stopper hold which took play back to midfield. Up and down play followed until a tricky piece of work by Te Aute look them to Victoria's end of the table where Tremewan was penalised for tearing the cloth, Williams raising the Hags with a good kick. Tremewan replied by cutting Te Aute to the line leg boundary and sweeping Huata's next two deliveries through the covers for a brace but Hall was ordered out of the baths for swimming under water and a good chance was lost. Wilton, after being badly snookered in the twenty-five retrieved with a beautiful screw buck cannon and finally went off the red to make the scores three all Burke's kick found the corner flag.

The next episode was a line dash up the line led by Hall. Both sides look part and the race resulted in a win for Lee (fourth favourite on it he place machine) with inches between Bond, Buddie, Douglas, and Simpson.

Te Aute came again and at the gong hail Hurley against the ropes driving both hands into his face. In the next round, however, the Wellington boy by clever ducking and bridging managed to avoid Nichalas' cannon ball service and won easily on pints.

On the referee calling "Half time gentlemen please," both teams gathered round it have a suck of Lee's lemon.

Wilton now wearing his Borstal cap opened the second spell at a torrid pace with four service aces. Amid derisive cheers from the crows Burke then took up the attack from the gasworks end, bowling in-swingers with six men in the slips but Douglas and Edgeley scoring all round the table brought fifty up in quick time. Tremewan broke away with Wild, Gibbons and Simpson in support and only the full back to beat but Gibbons was ordered off for trumping his partner's ace, Tremewan sneaking over for a gift try amid the resulting confusion. Burke could not find a length.

The game was now being played at a fast clip. Holmes, whose chocolate diet had had beneficial effects on his stamina, punished his opponent with headlocks which he followed up by trapping the line umpire in a Boston crab, only the referee's whistle saving what looked like a certain fall. From the ensuing scrum the Te Aute breakaways caught Wild in possesion, Adams caught Hurley with five aces and Edgeley was caught in the outfield, trying to sneak off without putting his bob in, but the referee, after warning both sides, ordered the fight to continue . From a melee on the Victoria line, Buddie called lour spades, Hall and Hurley called at the nurses' home, the Te Aute halfback. Baker, called for the ball and potted a neat goal while Victoria were changing over for more leg theory.

Bond and Lee were ordered off by the referee for making suggestive noises but were later permitted to continue on receipt of a telegram of protest from the Board of Control.

With only a small margin between the scores, Te Aute attacked strongly and Victoria's goal was always in danger but after several unsuccessful appeals against the light, Wilton contrived to lose the ball and the game was abandoned, the score reading :—

Victoria : 2 tries. 1 in off the red. equals 9 points.

Te Aute : 1 penalty goal. 1 potted goal equals 7 points .