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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1934. Volume 5. Number 6.



The announcement of Jack Ruru's death came as a shock to the whole College at the beginning of this term. His friendship and sportsmanship had made him universally liked; and we heartily commend to our readers the voluntary subscription list that the Football Club have instituted to provide something in the nature of a memorial. Any member of the Committee will give information about this.

Two marriages of interest in Varsity circles have taken place recently : Miss Ava Stainton and Gordon Richards, and Miss Doris Pow and Alistair Macintosh..

We would congratulate, too, Hugh Middlebrook on his engagement to Miss Vera Robinson.

The Social Service Club has again started its religious pilgrimages to Porirua. Strange what attraction this place has for some people. Last year grave doubts were raised as to whether these visits were purely on business, but this year we have definite proof. One of the most energetic of the male organisers was caught being kissed by one of the inmates !

There has been a mild boom in Annual Meetings, especially of sporting clubs in preparation for Summer sports; but the prize for self-sacrifice and devotional rhetoric goes to Mr. Student's Executive Assistant Treasurer Macintosh at the Rowing Club meeting. Despite his presence earlier in the evening at his brother's wedding, he turned up (no mean feat in itself) and then proceeded to harangue the multitude as they had never been harung before. If you thought he repeated something three times, well, you were tight. The name of Mr. J. G. Oliver who was elected Deputy Club Captain of the Swimming Club was omitted from the report in the "Dominion" —but Smad will tell it to the world.

There has been a sad dearth of Smoke Concerts this year. The Football and Haeremai Clubs held the first one we can remember for months and months. Ands its success leads us to hope for many more in the future. Tales we fear would be out of order, but we would like to know why the President of the Student's Association and two footballers had to give an exhibition of the code in Manners Street, near eight o'clock, why Professor Hoyd-Wilson wanted ten minutes "free and easy."

We understand that the Zoo musical exercises on Wednesdays spring from a study of spinal chords; we always thought it extraneous growth.

We are sorry to inform our readers that Cedrie Wright is not the Irishman he used to be. (You know old Cedrie, he sleeps at the same table as we do in the Library). Despite immense persuasion we could not induce him to revisit the scenes of his childhood in the reent picture "Lily of Killarney."