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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1934. Volume 5. Number 6.



In the last issue of "Smad" there was a high-pitched wail from Redmond Phillips : "Gone are the gods of my youth—the Macduffs, the Reardons . . . . There are new domestic gods." At this we rise in wrath, and with equal pride point to the Nankervises, Scotneys, Burnses, and other impedimenta of the moment; we will certainly give Mr. Phillips a "garde en sexte" or a sound cradling for his unabashed effrontery in naming these gods "false idols, little argumentative fellows in fustian."

Yet beneath all this floundering in the "good old days " fallacy. Mr. Phi lips has landed a whale. The years 1930 and 1931 saw depart from Victoria a whole host of men who, while incidentally wandering through a leisurely course, had directed and organised the social and contraversal life of the College for numberless years. They did not disappear quietly, one by one, but stampeded in a block. To-day there are new leaders every bit as big as those haloed wraiths of the past, fed on just as much Glaxo as ever Mr. Phillips's heroes received, but naturally with changes in leadership the centres of 'Varsity activity change.

Thus we find surviving to-day an infinity of derelict clubs with nothing to recommend them except a pristine activity, with nothing to support them but the "glorious heritage of the past," with nothing to do but elect committees and try to become as of "sounding brass." We hope that the Exec, will formulate some scheme of rationalisation over the long vacation.