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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1934. Volume 5. Number 3.

A B C of World Affairs

A B C of World Affairs

Austria : A country foolish enough to have both Germany and Italy for neighbours.

Ballyhoo : The views held by Nazis, Communists, Tories, Socialists, Patriots, Pacifists. N.Z. Legion, Legion of Frontiersmen.

Chicago : Next to Paris, Moscow, Leningrad, Petrograd, Stalingrad, the worst city in the world.

Douglas : The modern Santa Class.

Employment : An accident that will occur even in the best regulated cities.

Fascism : A radical movement to recieve the depression in the shirt Industry.

Graft : Political horticulture; in N.Z. conspicuous by its concealment.

Hitler : A brilliant exponent of the methods of Mrs. Aimee McPherson.

Inge . "A fool shall not enter" en, be he ever so holy."—W. Blake.

Justice : There ain't no such thing.

Kitten : A missile apt to thud sickeningly.

Legion (N.Z.) : A union of those tired of the present order, through with reform, afraid of communism, suspicious of Labour, and confident in the Legion.

Manchukuo : Japanese buffer, Russian re-buffer.

Nazi : " Not for nothing were they called Nasties."—Punch.

Ogpu : Russian gangsters, suspected of applying Scotland Yard methods to politics.

Pacifism : A malady prevalent among the young. The 20th. Century "mal du siecle."

Quota : A new and attractive wrapping for dairy produce.

"Roosevelt and Ramsay Mac : Two good eggs (vide " Dominion.")

Stavisky and Stalin : Two bad eggs (vide "Evening Post").

Turkey : Once the sick man of Europe. Now just one of the crowd.

U.S.S.R. : Hush, children !

Victoria : "Not a University at all."—G. B. S.

Welfare League, Wellington Chamber of Commerce, Weir House: Three popular old men's homes.

X.Y.Z. : Clearly seditions. See unexpurgated Spike 1933.


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