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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1934. Volume 5. Number 3.

page 15

Dear Editor,

You may remember, sir, how you used to throw things in your youth—throw stones, throw a dice, throw up drink (not that it ever came down again), and even now you might throw a party or a stink bomb. But it seems the Haeremai Club have got this throwing complex. They must throw; yet they are too old to throw up drink and too young to throw a party, so what do they do? Why, throw toilet- paper, of course!

Now, toilet-paper is all right in its right place. That I would admit. But as the official missile on each and every occasion it leaves something to be desired. On the first occasion it borders on the humorous, on the second it is at least better than nothing, but as a habit it reveals a paucity of ideas that would delight a "Dominion" critic.

I write this in the hope that the student body will in the future keep its toilet paper to itself and not be so anxious to press it on others, who, after all, have their own.

Yours, etc.,