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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1934. Volume 5. Number 3.

Tony has Gone to the Land of Mae West

Tony has Gone to the Land of Mae West

Our brave young forensic ventriloquist hag led Ian Milner out into the Great Unknown. Together these two are going to sit like Colossi (or Colossuses) astride the American Continent; the world is but an oyster a their feet, yet there is a danger that they may tread on it, slip, and meet the American equivalent of Mother Earth, a la William the Conqueror.

"Smad" (carefully concealing the onion), wept tears of sorrow, but Tony comforted us, "I may be back soon or I may not," he said.

"Are you going to pun in America?" we asked.

"Nothing so puny," replied Tony. "I would not punish American audiences like that." We gasped out the routine question:

"Do you believe in love at first sight?"

"Not yet—not till after the first sight of love. But there are strong arguments. . . ." We presumed he didn't. That seems to make his trip safer, at least for the American womanhood. And so we can bid him a cheery farewell, all the good luck and favourable audiences!

King's Birthday Week-End: Hockey Tournament Dance, Sat. Next. Coster Ball