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The Spike or Victoria University College Review 1933



Jesus, extended, bled upon a tree,
Man to emancipate and set him free;
He suffered, was tormented and decried,
And yielded up His soul to God, and died.

But feeble man has willed it otherwise:
We quibble and debate and criticise,
And finally declare Him to be nought,
Because He differs from superior thought.

Men call Him "smug" and spit upon a snob;
So did the vulgar, scoffing Jewish mob.
Vain men debate, and babblers seek a flaw
In doctrines that our fathers held in awe.

They say our standard's low, that God's a liar,
And question His ability to act.
Yet if the mighty mortal is a puissant fact,
It needs immortal Power to lift him higher.