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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1933. Volume 4. Number 6.

Weir Gives Us the "Dinkum Oil" On The Lads — And Says Goodbye

page 4

Weir Gives Us the "Dinkum Oil" On The Lads

And Says Goodbye

Dear "Smad,"—

It is very gratifying to note that there is only one more vacancy in the House, and already three applications have been received for this place. This result mast be very pleasing for the Management Committee, and it would seem fitting to round off this year with a few comments on our Roll of Students, set out below:
  • Adams.—Hails from the Queen City; believed to be a debater of some standing.
  • Alpers.—Does not like girls who make a noise at the House.
  • Bradshaw.—Favourite song, "Dawn is Breaking." Interested in Norfolk Island (peaches?).
  • Bright.—The rival of Ronald Colman. Takes a long time to shave.
  • Brown.—Debator; diplomat; no relation to"—dirty Old Brown."
  • Birks.—Good at broadsiding when his racer starts.
  • Baker.—Wine, women and "song.
  • Carlyon.—The strong silent apple-eater.
  • Clark.—The "bully" of the House.
  • Clare.—Always on the run. Secretary Harrier Club
  • Clinkard.—"Oft' in the Stilly Night"
  • Connell.—Too meek on the football field.
  • Cottier.—Comes from Taranaki; quite at home in the lab.
  • Curtis.—Hobby: Saving beer-bottle tops.
  • Chorlton.—He went South; Joynt Scroll went West.
  • Campbell.—Editor or "Spike." which speaks for itself.
  • Donovan.—(Nobby). Darling of the Dining Room staff.
  • Edgley.—Knows what time to get home from a dance.
  • Ewing.—Trips the light fantastic.
  • Eade.—A stylish walker, with plenty of action.
  • Finnigan (2).—Two wild Irishmen.
  • Gidall.—K.C.B. (Knight of the Cold Bath).
  • Grover.—Not so quiet; did daring things at Tournament.
  • Gray.—Keen on shes. (My mistake, I mean skis).
  • Henderson.—A would-be Legionnaire.
  • Galbraith.—Likes lady friends to see him play football.
  • Hall.—("Doe") hails from Christchurch. A man of weight.
  • Hawthorn.—A good footballer in the tight.
  • Horsley.—Harrier, wrestler; hails from the River City.
  • Heenan.—Always in the right, even in football.
  • Jackson.—Comes from Sunny Nelson. Ever had sunstroke, Barry?
  • Keating.—Has agreed to pay the telephone rental this year.
  • Lomas.—The surgeon of the future: A man who bleeds for his country.
  • Lyons.—Has no use for left hand, so leaves it in trouser pocket.
  • Mason.—"Fat" has a pretty fiery time.
  • Masters.—A worthy Miramar football player.
  • Moore.—Who gave you that black eye?
  • McLeod.—A disciple of Kara Pasha.
  • Mclntosh.—Keep the Rowing Club Afloat, Mac.
  • McGhie.—Reformer, writer, debater; interested in everything.
  • Mules.—Supporter of the Legion. Good old Woodville.
  • McNaught.—Plays chess in the lab. with Trevor.
  • Naylor.—From his talk you would think he came from Taranaki.
  • Nicholson.—Has the misfortune to room with Wild.
  • O'Connor.—A tough guy with the women.
  • Odell.—Why do you spend your week-ends at the Hutt.
  • Park.—Movements are in the dark.
  • Paul.—Slim, sinuous, and streamlined.
  • Redwood.— Why so many visitors, Charlie?
  • Rosevear.—Timaru "Smoko." Why bring that up?
  • Russell.—The Wildcat
  • Sage.—A bright boy; but see Edgley.
  • Sainsbury.—(Georgeous). Pugnacious, but wears glasses.
  • Shaw.—Misses whacking the boys.
  • Scott.—(Pete). Unauthorised entry and despoiler of roads.
  • Stewart.— A Jazz Baby.
  • Turnbull.—Goldminer, life-saver, lawyer—a two-fisted he-man.
  • Thurston.—Big Bill from the Bull Country.
  • Wansborough. — A recent arrival.
  • Walker.—One of the rowdy element.
  • Wild.—Educated among the turnips. Delcianna.
  • Willis.—Hobby: Wooing. Red-haired women only need apply.
  • Withey.—Owns an imposing bookcase.
  • Wilson.—Has decided to donate a seat for the telephone box.
  • Palmer-Jones.—(Tin Pants). Fond of women and till stories.
  • Buist.—Another of the rowdy element.
  • Vickerman.—How many lectures have you missed this year ?
  • O'Shea.—Gay, debonair. Playboy of Broadway, Jazz crooner, bedtime stories.
  • Kerr.—A real starter.
  • O'Reilly.—As yet has no daughter.
  • Whitworth.—Jazz King.
  • Len.—A good Scout.

    Go thou forth

    And fortune play upon thy prosperous helm.