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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1933. Volume 4. Number 6.

'Varsity Blazers

'Varsity Blazers.

Dear "Smad,"—

Is it not about time that the present creation was scrapped and a blazer introduced? During recent years 'Varsity blazers have undergone few changes, usually from bad to worse, and this is especially so in the last transition.

The present effort's immediate predecessor was not attractive, but if one wanted a blazer of some kind or another one might perhaps buy it. The present creation seems to be unsaleable—for obvious reasons. Occasions where free and easy dress is the order of the day (such as Freshers' Welcome) demonstrate that almost any blazer is preferred to the present 'Varsity one.

Now that the various Old Boys' Associations are issuing attractive blazers, an effort should be made to produce a 'Varsity one which appeals. The blame cannot be placed on the colours— the present "Blue" shows that they can be used to good advantage.

My personal view is that the present form of "Blue" (green blazer with gold braid, and pocket) should be the standard, ordinary 'Varsity blazer, page 12 but I realise that a howl would probably result from "Blues" if some distinction is not made

I suggest that the Executive give the matter careful consideration, and, if necessary, obtain supplies of different combinations of colours and invite opinions thereon from the Students.


(We understand the matter has been raised at a recent Executive meeting, and is being gone into thoroughly by the Executive.—Editor.)