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The Spike or Victoria University College Review 1932

On Seeing a Painting of a Rock Outlined in Sunshine

On Seeing a Painting of a Rock Outlined in Sunshine

A silver lining ? Nay not so, say rather—
The aura of ethereal fire
Surrounding beauty incarnate;
Or that lambent aureole
Insignia of youth's royalty.
The glowing flame leaps round the stone;
The magic wand of inspiration
Tipped the artist's brush with flame,
Charged his paints with the twinkling depths
Of some ancient ruddy liquor;
Filled mans spirit with an ardour—
Such he wrought his masterpiece.
All the flames of the nether pit
Embraced and crowned that granite block
The winking, blinking, Will o' Wisp
Twinkled from the fiery band;
The living lights of the universe
Leap from an erstwhile canvas square;
The paramount—transient—flame o' love
Tells the pulse of eternal fire—
Breaks from its bonds—
Illumines earth—
Transmutes dull clay to burning air!

—Rip Van Winkle.