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The Spike or Victoria University College Review 1931


page 21


discreetly sinuous or blatantly brazenly open
they thread the city's maze
and make
for every passing gull and plane to see
the strangest patterns

they are the veins that feel
the pulse and throb
that surges through the urgent city's heart

within their ways
one goes
lost in the crowds and yet
in utter and completest isolation

on either side there rise
uncompromising walls of callousness
that cast across the surface of the street
the drearest gloom
or anglewise
in cubist fasion cut the rays
that pierce the day
in blcks of light and shade diagonal

at times
they are the playgrounds of the winds
that whisk from end to end
and mirthfully
or moanfully
whistle a song or dirge
on cornices and eaves throughout the night
and oft
in spiteful jest
up from the south so pitilessly roll
and round the buildings pelt the pouring rain

and then streets glow
and glare indecently
as if to cry aloud against the lights
that so profanely blaze
and shatter evening's mystery and charm

yet streets
if so they choose
themselves have thousand charms and loveliness
when cautiously
they peep around a corner
just to see
a little further or to see the moon
and welcome it with cold and pallid arms
or when the sun
in risen splendour warms the chilly depths
and lends
to every corner

and happy too
are streets
that wind through pleasant towns
or conquer hills
and happiest are they
when peacefully
their day's work done
in evening's glow they rest
and fall asleep to dream of olden times

I. D. C.