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Victoria University College Capping Programme 1931

Mouthers and Mummies

Mouthers and Mummies

"That we may rehearse [unclear: cenely] and courageously."


Herald H. C. Read

"When I do open my lips let No dog bark."


"Bow! Wow!"


Polonius H. J. Bishop (Deputy for Mr. Nelson)

"A right down regular Royal King..'

—Gilbert Regilt.

Mrs. Botts S. Breen

"The face that sunk a thousand ships."

—Homer Revisited.

page 19
Baby Botts J. Whitcombe

"Fragile beginnings of a mighty end."

—Mrs. Norton—wife of Mr. Norton

Nurse A. A. B. Mouat

"Death, where is thy sting?"


Willum R. J. Larkin

"Nature and earth were deeply writ on his face."

—Atmore's Selections from Living Authors

Convivial Gent R. East

"Woe unto them that rise up early in the morning to follow strong drink."

—Author Unknown at University.

page 20
Executioner D. Kerr

"This hurts me more than it hurts you"

P. Martin-Smith and Others

Dewdrop L. G. Donald

"A thousand melodies unheard before."

—Contributed by Orchestra

Lady Trott J. N. Sellars

"Sweet and low"

—A. D. Priestley.

Mrs. Stowsh Miss Shute

"Shoot if you will this old Grey Head."

— A. L. Capone

Yokels T. H. Falloon H. J. Liidemann D. M. Burns

"What's to be done with these 'ere 'opeless chaps."

—Any Examiner.

Old Ladies H. Bannister M. Gallagher B. Luke

"Hope springs eternal in the Old Maid's Breast."

—Aimee S. MacPherson.

page 21
Old Gents H. Wansbrough R. B. Phillips

"You can trust any man—over ninety"

—Clara Bow.

Satan W. J. Mountjoy, Junr.

"Coming events cast their joy before"

—Victor Hugo, Junr.

Death R. J. Lawrence

"Tell me my soul can this be death?"


Vorbes H. C. Middlebrook
Groatz D. R. Jenkins
Olland M. O. Guthrie

"How would you like this dash tomfoolery Every day from ten till two?"

—Sir Charles Statham

Agitator A. F. T. Chorlton

"What the orator lacks in depth

He gives you in length"

—Montesquieu—fair dinkum.

page 22
Drunks R. F. East J. M. Horrack

"There is no doubt that drink's a curse.

To go without is ten times worse.'

—George Troup

Sergeant D. M. Burns

"Dressed in a little brief authority."


Policemen E. J. Sutch H. J. Liidemann

"The Polis as Polis in this city is Null and Void."


Highland Band J. H. Etherington R. Heenan

Merchant of Venice. Act IV. Unexpurgated Ed.

Salvation Army Band E. J. Marshall T. Falloon

"Blessed are they who do good big stealth."

Stychieena E. Henderson

"Belladonna—in English a beautiful ironman, in Italian a deadly poison."

—Ambrose Bierce.

Colonel Gore A. P. Thomson

"There goes the—Tally Ho, the Fox!"

—Hector Gray

page 23
Stranger L. G. Donald

"I know thee not, I fear thee not."

—Made this one up.

Sentinels F. H. Stewart K. J. Duff

"There is a significant Latin proverb, to wit, who will guard the guards?"

—Reardon on Latin Proverbs. . .

Discord E. J. Sutch
Distrust J. M. Horrack
Devastation H. C. Read
Despair S. Breen

"Hell is a city much like Wellington.'

—Nearly Byron—who ought to have known.

Mephistopholis H. C. Middlebrook

"Son, if you want to know what a devil is, ask your mother."

—Mr. Russell.

Lucifino W. J. Montjoy, Jun.

"Birds of a feather moult together."


page 24
Bluster H. C. Read

"Words, words, words."

(Sounds like William S. at his best.)

Cat D. Kerr

"Not a woman this time.'

Salamanca C. M. Turner and A. A. B. Mouat

"Fairest and Loveliest of created things."

—More Shakespearian Bilge.

Servant B. H. Etherington

"A pampered menial drove me from the door."

—Income Tax Department.

Lord Blordslow A. F. T. Chorlton

"He came from a farm, and was proud of it."

—Lady B.

Soloist H. Dowling

"A voice heavenly in the sense of unearthliness."