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Victoria University College Capping Programme 1931

List of Graduates, 1931

page 8

List of Graduates, 1931.

"Night after night
He sat and bleared his eyes with books."


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Doctor of Laws.

  • Cunnuingham. Herbert Adam.

Masters of Arts with Honours.

  • Bowler, Clifford Patrick (2nd Class in History).
  • Bryant, Max Gordon (2nd Class in English).
  • Donald, David James (2nd Class in Philosophy).
  • Fairbrother, Lewis Mervyn (2nd Class in Education).
  • Huntingdon, F. (2nd. Class in French).
  • Jessep, Alexander Corinack (2nd Class in French).
  • Kennedy, John Joseph (2nd Class in History).
  • McIlroy, Clarice Annie (2nd Class in English).
  • Presants, Alice Myrtle (2nd Class in French).
  • Scotter, William Henry (2nd Class in History.)
  • Trapp, Phyllis Burney (1st Class in English).
  • Watts, Edward James (2nd Class in History).

Masters of Arts.

  • Britton. William Leslie Shirtliff.
  • Harry, Kathleen Avery.
  • Patterson, Dorothy.
  • Perry, Edgar William Geil.
  • Russell, Leslie.

Bachelors of Arts.

  • Alcorn, Winifred Jean.
  • Atkinson, Janet.
  • Benge, Alfred Havelock.
  • Briggs, Mildred.
  • Burrell, Evelyn Jean.
  • Calvert. Cyril Gordon.
  • Chisholm, Lovely Hilda.
  • Colebrook, Evelyn Jean.
  • Cooke, George Percy.
  • Cooper, Vera Isabell.
  • Dive, William John.
  • Duncan. Chrissie Lucille.
  • Dunningham, Archibald George William.
  • Ellis, Dorothy Jean.
  • Evans. Nancy Gwyneth.
  • Fisher, Eric Hayward.
  • Huggins, Mildred Collis.
  • Huntington, Elizabeth.
  • Insull, Herbert Alexander Horace.
  • Irwin, Raymond Douglas Lyle.
  • Jefferies, William John.
  • Landon-Lane, Veronica Minnie.
  • Latham, Thomas Fitzherbert.
  • Linton, Jane Phyllis.
  • Macdonald, Margaret Mathie.
  • Mewhnncy, Nettie Elizabeth.
  • Miller, Constance Mary McNair.
  • Morgan. Hazel Noel Emily.
  • Mountjoy. William Joseph.
  • Murray, John Richardson.
  • McCaul, Kathleen Margaret.
  • McLean, Mary Minnie.page 9
  • Naumann, Audrey.
  • Nolan, Rita Mary Patricia.
  • Norris, Thomas.
  • Pow, Doris Hutchison.
  • Prendeville, Phyllis Helen.
  • Ramson, Frederick Stanley.
  • Rockel, Sydney.
  • Sanlant. Meevyn Wilfred.
  • Scrimgeour, Muriel Elizabeth.
  • Sewell, Margaret Avice Ruth.
  • Shale, Veronica Mary.
  • Shallcrass, Jean.
  • Slyfield, Millicent Doreen.
  • Stewart, Marjorie Gordon.
  • Thompson, Harold Warrington.
  • Veitch, Joan.
  • Williams, Frederic George.
  • Wright, Jean Ellen Fortesque.

Master of Science with Honours.

  • Campbell, Dora Isabel (2nd Class in Botany).
  • Ellison, Dorothy Jean (2nd. Class in Chemistry).
  • Hendrikson, Eric Ernest (2nd Class in Mathematics).
  • Hyde, Edward Oliver Charles (2nd Class in Botany).
  • Plank, Eileen Annie (1st. Class in Zoology).

Master of Science.

  • Davies, Edwin Braithwaite.
  • Headland, Henry.
  • Keys, Oswald Hilton.
  • Rollings, Theodore Penrose.
  • Wall, Eunice Mary.

Bachelors of Science.

  • Ardell, Beatrie Evelyn.
  • Clark, Percival James Comfort.
  • Denz, Frank Anton.
  • Galpin, Nancy Margaret.
  • Hall, Thomas Richard.
  • Irwin, Archibald Havelock.
  • Jackson Frederic.
  • Morice, Isobel Murray.
  • McGavin, William Keith.
  • Sapsford, Hubert Bruce.
  • Shorlad, Franeil Brian.
  • Steele, Colin Aister.
  • Stong, John Austin.
  • Sykes, Philip Howard.
  • Wood, Herbert John.

Masters of Laws with Honours.

  • Clarke, Ronald Olivert Robert (2nd. Class in Int. Law and Confl. of Laws, Cont. and Torts. Negligence, etc.).
  • Haughey, Edward James (2nd. Class in Rom., Law, Cont. and Torts. Trusts).
  • McCarthy, Thadeus Pearcey (1st. Class in Int. Law ami Conf. of Laws, Cont. and Torts, Negligence, etc.).
  • Wills, Eric Philp (2nd Class in Int. Law and Conf. of Laws, Real Property, Companies).

Masters of Laws.

  • Fletcher, Walter Vernon Roy.
  • Hart, Irvine Alfred.
  • Kennard. Harry Alfred.
  • Macarthur, Ian Hannay.
  • Rutherford, Robert Charles.
page 10

Bachelors of Laws.

  • Bailey, Henry Charles.
  • Bishop, Henry James.
  • Brooker, Percival Mahan.
  • Burke, Ambrose Patrick.
  • Burnes. Robert Alexander.
  • Xoopwe, George Ormond.
  • Crossley, Graham.
  • D'Arcy, Douglas Clendon.
  • Davies. Alfred Noden.
  • Diedrich, Roy Edward.
  • Foot, Frederick John.
  • Mahoney, Michael Eric.
  • Maitland, Harold Arthur Elrington.
  • Rowse, Noel Hart.
  • Sidey, Thomas Kay Stuart.
  • Wylie, Guy Alexander.
  • Yaldwyn. John Bradley.
  • Rollings, W. P.

Masters of Commerce with Honours.

  • Nankervis, Richard John (2nd. Class in Economics and Law of Companies).
  • Perry, Selwyn Harry (2nd. Class in Economics and Economic History).

Bachelors of Commerce.

  • Glendinning, Donald George.
  • Jackson, George Myers Frost.
  • Laing, Richard James.
  • Rout. Ernest Brownlow.
  • Sutch. William Ball.

Diploma in Education.

  • Bailey, Colin Lennie.
  • Hislop, Thomas Gordon.
  • Hogg, Ralph.
  • McCormick, Eric Hall.
  • Thomas. Violet Ernielinda Duckers.
  • Beckway, Rere.

Diploma in Journalism.

  • Yule, Dulcimea (from Canterbury).

There is a mis-spelt word appearing on rear inside cover. For the first correct solution sent in, a framed photo of Arthur Law, Mr. Macassey, or Mr. R. A. Wright will be given. Enclose with each entry 300 used tram concession tickets.

page 11

The Capping Procession.

The Procession has become in almost every part of the world a recognised part of Graduation ceremonies. Lorries laden with grotesque figures parade the streets, to the amazement of staid citizens and to the delight of the crowd Perhaps the chief enjoyment comes from the feeling of expectancy—one is never quite sure what is going to happen. Usually the most hair-brained schemes and stunts find favour with the revellers. Stop the Post Office clock! Put out an imaginary fire in the Midland! Of course the next day there are indignant letters from "Mother of Ten" and "Pro Bono Publico," but after all what would our newspapers be without contributions from the above pillars of the Empire?

Year in and year out we have the Procession and the Speeches, and it will be a sorry day for New Zealand when such institutions are forbidden. To laugh and to play are heritages which are worth holding to, and the Kill Joys who would rob us of our Capping Procession are very poor in their appreciation of the best things of life.

The burgesses of the City Suprema a Situ will be pained and entertained this year by the caricature of a number of current events and prominent people. The victims include:
  • Lord and Ladv Baden-Powell.
  • General Depression Interred.
  • Ten Per Cent Cut.
  • No. 7 Relief Scheme.
  • The Closure.
  • Mr. Baxter and his Footballers.
  • Australian Cricket Team.
  • The Discovery.
  • The Professorial Board.
page 12

Coming Events.

Herewith for your benefit a list of functions for the year. You are invited to be present:—

May 9-12.—S.C.M. Visit of Dr. T. Z. Koo,

May 15—Reading. "The Romantic Young Lady." (Sierra).

May 16—Visitors' Debate. "That the Arbitration Court Should be Abolished"

May 22.—Reading: "Badger's Green." (Sheriff).

May 22-24 S.C.M. Week-end Camp, Hutt Park.

May 28-29 S.C.M. Return Visit. Dr. T. Z. Koo.

May 29 Broadcast Debate: "That Democracy is a Failure."

May 30—Men's and Women's Hockey Club Dance.

June 5—Reading: "And So To Bed." (Fagan).

June 12—Reading: "The Silver Tassie." (O'Casey).

June 20—Pug, Gun and Social Service Club's Dance.

June 24—S.C.M. "Citizenship in the Ideal City. J. W. Mawson, Esq.

June 26 Broadcast Debate.

June 27 Dramatic Club Production. "The Dark Angel." (Trevelvan).

July 3 Reading. "Green Pastures." (Connolly).

June 10 Debate: "That Psychology is a Curse in Modern Society."

July 11—Haeremai and Basketball Club's Dance.

July 17—Reading: "The Constant Nymph. (Kennedy).

July 18.—Plunket Medal Contest.

July 24—Reading. "Street Scene." (Rice).

July 25.—Football and Hui Marae Club's Dance.

July 31 Reading. "Ghosts." (Ibsen).

August 1 Debate: "That the American Influence in this Country is to be Deplored."

August 5 S.C.M. Address by Rt. Rev. Dr. Sprott.

August 7 Reading: Canaries Sometimes Sing." (Lonsdale)

August 14 Debate: "That Shakespeare is vastly Overated."

page 13

August 15—Dramatic Club Production: "Rope." (Hamilton).

August 28—Broadecast Debate.

August 29—Law Club Dance.

September 4—Reading: "Tons of Money." (Valentine).

September 9—S.C.M. Some Aspects of Fascism." (Cav. Dott Formichella.)

September 10 Reading: "Murder on Second Floor. (Vosper).

September 11 Impromptu Debates.

Sepetmber 18 Reading: "Berkeley Square." (Balderston).

September 25 Reading: "Ile" and "The Long Voyage Home." (O'Neill).

October 3 Dramatic Club Productions:
1"The Blind Crowder." (Palmer).
2."The Elegant Edward." (Jennings).
3."The New Wing at Elsinore." (Fagan)
4."Bocaccio's Untold Tale." (Tate).