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Victoria University College Capping Programme 1931

The Capping Procession

page 11

The Capping Procession.

The Procession has become in almost every part of the world a recognised part of Graduation ceremonies. Lorries laden with grotesque figures parade the streets, to the amazement of staid citizens and to the delight of the crowd Perhaps the chief enjoyment comes from the feeling of expectancy—one is never quite sure what is going to happen. Usually the most hair-brained schemes and stunts find favour with the revellers. Stop the Post Office clock! Put out an imaginary fire in the Midland! Of course the next day there are indignant letters from "Mother of Ten" and "Pro Bono Publico," but after all what would our newspapers be without contributions from the above pillars of the Empire?

Year in and year out we have the Procession and the Speeches, and it will be a sorry day for New Zealand when such institutions are forbidden. To laugh and to play are heritages which are worth holding to, and the Kill Joys who would rob us of our Capping Procession are very poor in their appreciation of the best things of life.

The burgesses of the City Suprema a Situ will be pained and entertained this year by the caricature of a number of current events and prominent people. The victims include:
  • Lord and Ladv Baden-Powell.
  • General Depression Interred.
  • Ten Per Cent Cut.
  • No. 7 Relief Scheme.
  • The Closure.
  • Mr. Baxter and his Footballers.
  • Australian Cricket Team.
  • The Discovery.
  • The Professorial Board.