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The Spike or Victoria College Review October 1929


The 1929 season has just closed and the club has again had a most successful season. Although we have not carried off the Senior Championship the club has met with an all-round success which is very gratifying to the Committee. Our Senior A, "A" team finished as runners-up to Karori, losing the last match, which meant the championship to Wellington, after a hard and exciting game.

The Club had the distinction of obtaining second place in the Club Championship. The winners were Karori, with 137½ points, and 'Varsity were next with 125.

The experiment of putting in two teams in the Senior A Grade was in the main, justified, although the B team won only one match. With the withdrawal of Petone in the second round, we hold bottom place. Apart from the fact that owing to illness and injuries the best team was seldom able 'to take the field, the team suffered by the absence of several prominent players from Wellington during the greater part of the season. Even then stiff opposition was usually offered, especially against Karori in the first round, when the Blacks were down 2—1 until the last fifteen minutes of the game.

The Senior B Eleven was composed of players who, with three exceptions, were juniors last season. Under these circumstances it was not expected that the team would do well. As a matter of fact the team won five matches out of the thirteen played, and was never beaten by more than two goals, and only lost by that margin on three occasions. It is pleasing to record that they won a splendid game against Karori, who, at that time, were one point behind the leaders, and that they had their revenge on Training College in the final match of the second round, in which they won 6—2, and reversed the result of their former meeting when they lost 1—3. This last game was probably the best they played, since the team included four juniors and the forward line was re-arranged.

Our Junior team should, on paper, have won the competition comfortably. Unfortunately for them, however, they were sometimes drawn on by the Senior B team, and also occasionally played badly below form and were beaten. As an instance of their inconsistency the results of their two matches against Karori are typical. The first they won 1—0, and the second they lost 1—7. For the last four matches, it must be remembered, however, that they were without their captain, Cahill, who was probably their best forward.

The Third A team was practically the same team as last season's Thirds, and on the strength of this had a very successful season, finishing as runners-up to Karori. This team also suffered in that it was called upon by the Juniors on several occasions for their best players.

This season the Committee entered two teams in the Third Grade, the B team being almost 'to a man new to the game. Under the leadership of Stewart, who first as centre-half, and then as centre forward set them a fine example of perseverance and keenness, they performed very creditably indeed, and finished up in third place. Amongst other accomplishments must be recognised that of being the first team for two seasons to score against Karori. This honour fell to Stewart.

The B team has some very promising players, and if some of them continue to improve as they have done this season, there will be no reason to fear for the future of the club.

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We regard ourselves as fortunate indeed in having so many new members this season who have assisted the club so much, and in this connection we are pleased to notice the number of freshers who are joining the club.

The Club has to extend its congratulations to E. McLeod, captain of the First Eleven, who captained the Wellington representative team, and also the New Zealand team which defeated Australia 2—0 in the Second Test. G. S. Simpson, P. D. Wilson, and H. B. Massey all represented Wellington, and thoroughly deserved that honour. Members of the First Eleven who played in the representative trial match were J. L. MacDuff, P. D. Wilson, G. S. Simpson, E. McLeod, H. B. Massey, and F. H. Paul. In the Senior B Grade E. L. Greensmith, N. P. Robinson, A. J. Spence-Sales, and H. J. Bishop, played in the representative trial match.

Among the unofficial activities of the Club were a basket-ball match against the Women's Hockey Club, which resulted in a well-deserved victory for the men (the score cannot be given as the scorer lost count early in the match) and a most enjoyable dance which proved a great success. The Club's Annual Dinner was held on the 14th September at Barrett's Hotel, and a large attendance thoroughly enjoyed themselves before going on to the Haeremai Club's dance later in the evening.

Next year we are looking forward to the visit of an Australian University Hockey Team which is to tour the country, playing the four Colleges separately, and also participating in the Annual Inter-College Tournament for the Seddon Stick, which will be held in Wellington at the beginning of June. Victoria and Otago are joint holders of the Seddon Stick at present, and both intend to make a special effort to obtain a clear-cut win next year. The tournament should be even more than usually interesting for these reasons, and the Club considers that next season should be the best on record. It is certain that there will be plenty of attractions for new members.

In connection with the arrangements for the visit of the Australian University Eleven next year, three of the four New Zealand Colleges have pledged themselves to assist. Otago, Canterbury, and Victoria have all been able to guarantee their share of the expenses of the tour, so that even if Auckland fail to come in, there is every prospect of a tour commencing at Bluff and finishing at Wellington.

This should do a great deal towards popularising hockey in Wellington, and it is certain that hockey of a very high standard will be witnessed at the tournament next year, because even if the proposed Australian visit fails to eventuate, all the teams will be keen to have their members included in the New Zealand University team. It is probable, moreover, that in the event of the Australian players being unable to come to New Zealand, the New Zealand University Hockey Council will be asked to send a team to Australia.

The tournament will therefore be productive of more than usual enthusiasm, and in this connection we might mention that we hope to see a record attendance of Wikitorians at the matches. We can guarantee them their money's worth, and we feel sure that if they will once turn out to these matches, that they will become keen supporters of the game.

We append an extract from the Championship Table showing the position of the teams in the grades:—

Senior A.
Goals. Ch.
P. W. L. D. F. A. Pts.
Karori 14 11 2 1 54 19 23
University A 14 11 2 1 54 19 23
Wellington 14 9 4 1 50 27 19
Hutt 14 8 5 1 35 26 17
Wesley 14 6 7 1 37 36 13
Y.M.C.A. 13 3 7 3 29 44 9
University B 13 2 10 1 17 69 5
Petone 14 0 14 0 8 38 0
Senior B.
Huia 14 9 1 4 27 18 22
Wesley 14 10 3 1 42 27 21
Hutt 14 9 2 3 29 19 21
Karori 14 7 6 1 39 24 15
Petone 13 5 7 1 21 27 11
University 13 5 8 0 39 34 10
Training College 14 2 11 1 19 26 5
Y.M.C.A. 14 2 11 1 19 60 5
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Junior. A Section.
Goals. Ch.
P. W. L. D. F. A. Pts.
Hutt B 12 10 1 1 62 19 21
Wellington 12 7 2 3 37 13 17
Petone 13 6 3 4 27 25 16
Huia A 13 6 6 1 40 29 13
Section B.
Wellington 13 7 4 2 27 22 16
Karori 13 5 6 2 28 22 12
University 12 6 6 0 29 40 12
Huia B 13 4 6 3 22 29 11
Hutt A 13 4 8 1 27 33 9
Y.M.C.A. 12 2 8 2 8 35 6
Wesley 12 1 8 3 15 55 5
Third Grade.
Karori 11 11 0 0 68 1 22
University 12 9 2 1 26 20 19
University 11 6 5 0 22 23 12
Wesley 12 5 5 2 29 22 12
Petone 11 3 8 0 12 27 6
Wellington 12 2 8 2 18 36 6
Hutt 11 1 9 1 8 54 3
Senior A.—First Eleven.
Matches played. Won. Lost. Drawn. Goals for. Goals Against
14 11 2 1 55 20

The team as a whole played fairly well during the season. It was not until the third or fourth game that the forward line settled down into any sort of combination, and for the last three games even this was missing owing to one or two of the forwards being absent on vacation. In the last match one of the regular line was away and the others were playing in positions new to them.

The backs, however, are to be congratulated on their consistently fine display during the season. Davis, in goal, has proved a staunch defender, and was unlucky in not making both the Wellington representatives and the New Zealand University team. Vietmeyer has played a consistently steady, if not brilliant, game throughout the season. Massey has played brilliantly at times, but has been patchy on occasions. For our half-line, Cumming, McLeod, and Wilson, we have nothing but praise. They have played splendidly and without a doubt the best half-line in Wellington.

The forwards, with the exception of Simpson, have been patchy. Paul played well after the first few matches, and we were unlucky that he was away at the end of the season.

The team is to be congratulated upon their display during the season, and their performance in being runners-up to Karori in the Senior A Championship. It was only bad luck which lost us the match against Karori, but it was bad play which allowed Wellington to beat us in the final game.

Detailed results of the matches are set out below:—