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The Spike or Victoria College Review October 1929

Some Valuable Books

page 35

Some Valuable Books

We have much pleasure in announcing the acquisition to the College Library of a fine set of books by authoritative writers in science and literature. In order that these valuable books may be brought prominently before the students, the Librarian has supplied a few notes on some of the outstanding works. From his notes we have compiled a few potted reviews.

"Not Too Sanguinary," by W-lt-r Ev-ns, is an admirable thesis by an authority on revenue pastimes, notably golf.

"Her Golden Hair," by K-r-n Z - - - l-r, is a tonsorial treatise.

An authoritative colloboration by D. Pr - - stly and V - - n Ev-ns. "How I Won the Plunket Medal," is the best work in dramatic art to date.

"The Clutching Hand," by Pr-f. F., is an illuminating study of the X-ray apparatus.

A dramatic work that should command attention is "The Last Rehearsal," by S-ncl - - r Br - - n. This young author, whose experiences on the stage have won wide attention, emphasises the importance of conscientious application to rehearsals. She points her contention with a story of a young girl who was taken from the cast of a play because she was too elsewhere.

An essay, "The Bedroom Window," by J. L. M-D-ff, is an illuminating study aptly illustrated by a night scene from Mount Street.

J - - k M - ll - r makes a valuable contribution to learning with "The Rabbit," a biological thesis. This writer shows surprising versatility, for also in the collection is another volume, "The Fair Sex."

Intimate confessions are frankly written by H-rry R - - d, who, in "Where Are My Trousers?" tells of an embarrassing moment.

A happy romance, "Let Us All Re-Joyce," from the pen of C-m M-lf - - y, has many delightful pages.

"The Offended Footballer," by M-x T-rn-r, is an intriguing story of a famous half-back who was overlooked for the first fifteen because of the jealousy of the selector.

Pr-f. F. P. contributes two volumes of sketches, "The High Lights of Sydney" and "Gems from the Desert Song." Both are polished and graphic narratives showing a depth of personal experience.

"Competing Transports," by R. H. C. M - - k - -z-e, is a study in economics, dealing with the transport systems, but the author is unconsciously biased towards road travelling in preference to rail.

Nothing could be more engrossing than a treatise on human nature, "The Letter Rack" by M-ld-d B-ggs. The book is the fruit of many hours in research and study.