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The Spike or Victoria College Review October 1929

Mr. Bishop's Grievances

Mr. Bishop's Grievances

Dear Spike,

I use your columns in the redress of a great wrong. My grievance is is that the Executive of the Students' Association do not advertise sufficiently the date of the special general meetings which are held from time to time. Apart from a small notice on the board by the letter rack, and occasionally a chalked message on the blackboard, the students are left guessing.

The obvious retort is that they should watch the executive notice board, but when it is a question of watching the darn thing with a microscope the thing becomes absurd. In any case, the students have proved themselves so apathetic in the past that some thing far more arresting must be devised to catch their attention than a mere typed notice. The notices for the last election are a case in point.

I suggest that something like the advertisements for the Law Dance should be used. This will undoubtedly arrest the attention of the surging proletariat.

Another grievance is the shortness of the notice that is given of important meetings. Except in rare cases there is no reason why at least 10 days' notice cannot be given.

In passing I would also question the right of the Executive to issue a notice to the effect that notices on the general notice board must be initialled by one of the Executive. Is there any authority for this? and if so, any necessity? Is not the common sense and good judgment of those who put a notice up sufficient to ensure that nothing unreasonable or offensive is put on the board? In previous years this requirement has not been insisted on, and I for one, would like to know the reason for the passing of this rule, if it has been so passed.

The Executive are notoriously elusive, and I for one have neither the time nor the inclination to scour the College looking for an odd member of page 34 the Executive. The secretary I have never been able to find in the executive room yet, and the same applies largely to the other members. If they expect this rule to be adhered to, they should give every opportunity to those concerned, that it may be adhered to.

Lastly, I want to know who the lousy swine was who got down on the Hockey Club's notice board, and I hereby give notice that if I find out his name, only the fact of his having a wife and family of six will save him from summary evisceration at the hands of the Committee.

—I am, etc.,

H. J. Bishop.

[This letter has been ruthlessly watered down.—Editor.]