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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review, June 1929

Graduates, 1929

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Graduates, 1929

"The power to recognise and to follow truth cannot be conferred by academic degrees,"


Masters of Arts with Honours.

"What, now, should tempt us, by false hopes misled,
Learning's unfashionable paths to tread." —Churchill.

Birnie, Katherine Charlotte 2nd Class in French
Bullen, Kitty Clara Frances (in abs.) 2nd Class in Latin and French
Galloway, John 2nd Class in Economics.
Griffin, Arthur William 2nd Class in French
(Haines, Bernard Raymond) 2nd Class in Philosophy
Hogg, Ralph 2nd Class in History
Johnston, Rita Mary Elizabeth 2nd Class in History
Keys, Alwyn Charles 1st Class in Latin and French
McCormick, Eric Hall (in abs.) 2nd Class in English and Latin (1927)
Mills, Gilbert Alexander 2nd Class in History
Peddie, George Alexander 2nd Class in physics and Diploma of Honours, 2nd Class Mathematics (1927)
Pillar, Daisy Winifred 2nd Class in Botany
Rainforth, Frances Ena 1st Class in Latin.
Robbie, Raymond Allen 1st Class in History.
Tier, James Ernest 2nd Class in History
Wood, Margaret Grace 2nd Class in Latin and French

Masters of Arts.

"Alas, regardless of their doom,
The little victims play!" —Gray.

  • Atkins, Arnold Sharp
  • Dash, John (in abs.)
  • Dighton, John Lyell
  • Duff, Rose Marjorie
  • Eason, William John Eric
  • Gillies, Catherine Mary (in abs.)
  • Grigg, John Reginald
  • (Miller, Leslie George)
  • Priestley, Arthur Donald
  • Reid, Ruth Cleaver
  • Sceats, Geoffrey James
  • Smith, Percival Martin
  • Stafford, George Lancelot

Bachelors of Arts.

"Talking or arbbits—they're quite a pest in Australia."


  • Adlam, Ronald Charles
  • Aim, Edward James (Auckland)
  • Allan, Hector Frank (in abs)
  • *Bailey. Colin Lennie
  • Ball, Douglas George
  • *Bibby, Lawrence Vincent
  • Broad, Royland Prows
  • Brown, Alice Mary
  • Cahill, Bartholomew O'Rourke
  • Callander, Roselyn Victoria (in abs.)
  • Calman, William George (in abs.)
  • Clark, Olive May Dorset
  • Dudley, Raymond (in abs.)
  • Duff, Alice Buchananpage break
  • Edwards, Albert Owen
  • Ferguson, Arthur McNair
  • Ferkins, Roland McLean
  • Finlayson, John Herbert McWiliam
  • Fogelberg, Freda Erica Elsie
  • Fowler, Ronald John Malice (in abs.)
  • Frazer, Clarence Gillard
  • Fussell, Edward Coldham
  • Gordon, Wilhelmina
  • Halliwell, Isabella Estha Clara (in abs.)
  • Harry, Jean Winifred
  • Heise, Marguerite Karin
  • Hereford, Marjorie Mary
  • Heyes, Norman (in abs.)
  • Hiskens, Laura Trice
  • Huntington, Frances Mary
  • Jackson, Herbert Wesley (in abs.)
  • Jessep, Alexander Cormack
  • Kelly, Marie Annie Catherine
  • Kennedy, John Jsoeph (in abs.)
  • Laurenson, Williamina
  • MacDuff, John Levy
  • Mackay, James Douglas
  • Martin, Thomas Norman Archibald
  • Massey, Harold Bruce
  • (Milburn, Robert Hope)
  • (Millar, Jane Elizabeth Vernar)
  • Mitcalfe, Henry Percy
  • Mitchell, William
  • Moore, Gladys Geraldine
  • McIlroy, Clarice Annie
  • McIntosh, Alister Donald
  • McKinlay, Arthur David
  • Neely, Dorothy Elizabeth
  • Nelson, Theo Bagge
  • Newton, Henry Esmond Blair (in abs.)
  • Niall, Eileen Rose
  • Nicholls, Eileen
  • Patterson, Dorothy Helen (Tinline
  • Scholar)
  • (Perry, Edward William Geil)
  • Reynolds, Arthur Steward
  • Riske, Marcus
  • Rogers, Dulce Nanette (in abs.)
  • Saker, George Thomas
  • Scarfe, Elsie Sutherland
  • Scarfe, Isabel Florence
  • Shearme, Leonie Margaret
  • Sherson, Donald George
  • Simkin, Kate Louisa (in abs.)
  • Smith, Colin Wallace Stuart
  • Spicer, Helen
  • Stewart, Alexa Church
  • Stowe, Arthur Kenelm
  • Taylor, Phyllis Eileen
  • Thomson, Violet Jane
  • Ward, Denzil Anthony Seaver
  • Watson, Margaret Arnott (in abs.)
  • White, Harold Benjamin (from Auck).
  • Wilson, Constance May
  • Ziesler, Karen Ross Margaret

* Senior Scholar

Masters of Science with Honours.

"There is certainly some chill and arid knowledge to be found upon the summits of formal and laborious. . . . "


Cottier, William 2nd Class in Chemistry
Cunningham, Ira James (in abs.) 1st Class in Chemistry
Dolby, Richard Malcolm 1st Class in Chemistry
Harding, John William 1st Class in Physics
Lysaght, Averil Margaret (in abs.) 2nd Class in Zoology
McDowell, Arthur Keith Ralph 2nd Class in Chemistry
Simmers, Ritchie Gibson 2nd Class in Physics (from Canterbury)
White, Frederick William George 1st Class in Physics

Masters of Science.

"Some of our brightest people are kleptomaniacs, paranoacs, agorapholists and dolomites."

—Stephen Leacock.

  • Britland, James Joseph George
  • Dixon, Charles Edwin
  • Chamberlain, Edmund Edinborough
  • (Whelan, Lawrence Andrew)
page break

Bachelors of Science.

"I love fools' experiments. I am always making them."


  • Arthur, Ivy Ellen Huston
  • Baillie, Fraser John Edward
  • Caughley, Frank Gordon
  • Comrie, Jessie Revina
  • Crease, Karl Frederick
  • *Dennehy, Moira Whitley
  • Grant, Robert Lamb Crosby
  • Greig, Arthur Michael Wallace
  • Greig, John Charles
  • (Greig, Murray Thomson)
  • Headland, Henry
  • Heine, Ellen Minna
  • Hill, Noel Frederick Charles
  • *Hyde, Edward Oliver Charles (in abs.)
  • Johnston, James Angus Robert(in abs.)
  • King, Lester Charles
  • (Lambourne, Sydney James)
  • Lovatt, Cyrus Gordon
  • Mason, Ethelwyn Margaret
  • McFarlane, John Douglas
  • McKenzie, Donald Wallace
  • Plank, Eileen Annie
  • Reid, William Donald
  • Roche, Alice Margaret
  • Strand, Ruth
  • Wood, Nigel Neale (from Otago)

* Senior Scholar

Masters of Laws with Honours.

"The judicial humorist, I've got him on the list."


Platts-Mills, John Faithful Fortescue (in abs.) 1st Class
Wylie, William Campbell 1st Class

Master of Laws.

"Our lives are sustained by a nearly equal expense of virtue of some kind."


  • Ball, Charles Edwards Huia
  • Haldane, Eugene William Robert

Bachelors of Laws.

"'Virtue in the middle!' said the devil, as he seated himself between two lawyers."

— Anon.

  • Cahill, Bartholomew O'Rourke (1927)
  • Caldwill, Guy Lawrence
  • Dalglish, Keith Merlin (in abs.)
  • Goodwin, William Donald
  • (Heyting, William John)
  • Howe, Ernest Leslie
  • Hurtle, Albert Eaton
  • (Jervis, Nea Constance)
  • (Mulcock, Edward Laurence)
  • Nash, Clement Walter
  • Paul, John Forbes
  • Strombom, Claude Herbert (in abs.)
  • Tait, Hector Prior
  • Thomas, William Webster (in abs.)
  • Tripe, Richard Edward (from Auck.)

Bachelors of Commerce.

"He netds a long spoon who sups with the devil."

—Old proverb.

  • Chapple, Leonard James Bancroft
  • Daniels, Edward
  • McLean, Archibald Louden
  • Nankervis, Richard John
  • Perry, Selwyn Henry
  • Plimmer, Clifford Ulric (in abs.)
  • Thomas, William Webster (in abs.)
page break

Bachelor of Agriculture.

"Oh, there's nothing in life making love,
Save making hay in fine weather. —Hood.

Martin, William Bailey (from Canterbury)

Bachelor of Engineering.

"And the devil himself was an engineer"


Cooke, Strathmore Ridley Barnott (from Otago)

Master of Surgery.

"Take your ill-gotten plunder and bury the dead."


Christie, Harry Kenrick (from Otago)

Diplomas of Education.

"To show the world what long experience gains
Requires not courage, though it calls for pains;
But, at life's outset, to inform mankind,
Is a bold effort of a valiant mind."—Crabbe.

  • Avann, Alice Rona
  • Britton, William Leslie Shirtcliffe
  • de Berry, Leonard Frederick (at Otago)
  • Ferris, Alexander James
  • Grant, Dorothy Caroline
  • McLeod, May
  • Shallcrass, Audrey (in abs.)
  • Simpson, George Spence
  • Stafford, George Lancelot
  • Wall, Eunice Mary

Diplomas in Social Science.

"Skim milk often masquerades as cream."


  • Aldis, Wilfred Charles Arthur (in abs.)
  • Dowsett, Edward Henry (in abs.)
  • Maskell, Winifred

Diplomas in Journalism.

"Of the uncertainties of our present state, the most dreadful and alarming is the uncertain continuance of reason."


  • Barker, Albert George (in abs.)
  • Wells, George Lefever (in abs.)

Diplomas in Banking.

"Counts his sure gains, and hurries back for more."

— Montgomery.

  • Addis, Samuel Eric (in abs.)
  • Dixon, George Graham Burney
  • Wright, Edward Fortescue

(Members of Bank Officers' Guild.)

"Visions of glory, Spare my aching sight."


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