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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review, June 1929

Results in Detail

Results in Detail.


100 Yards: Morgan (A.), 1; Goodson (V.), 2. Time. 10 3-5sec. 220 Yards: Eastwood (V.), 1; Morgan (V.), 2. Time, 23 3-5sec. 440 Yards: Eastwood (V.), 1; Harley (C.), 2. Time, 52sec. 880 Yards: Harley (C), 1; Webber (O.), 2. Time, 2min. 0 2-5sec. (record). One mile: Taylor (C.). 1; Leech (V.), 2. Time, 4min. 30 3-5sec. Three Miles: Taylor (C.), 1; Douglas (O.), 2. Time, 15min. 16 3-5sec. One Mile Walk: Cabot (O.), 1; Fraser (0), 2. Time, 7min. 4sec. 120 Yards H.: Ramson (V.), 1; McGregor (C.), 2. Time, 16 2-5sec. 440 Yards H.: Ramson (V.), 1; Malcolm (O.), 2. Time, 59 2-5sec. High Jump: Ramson (V.) and Askin (C.), equal, 1. Height, 5ft. 5½in. Long Jump: Ramson (V.), 1; Watkins (C.), 2. Distance, 22ft. Hammer: Wilson (0.), 1; Henderson (C.), 2. Distance, 117ft. Shot: Henderson (C.), 1; Orbell (O.), 2. Distance, 35ft. 0½in. Relay: V.U.C., 1; C.U.C., 2. Time, 3min. 43sec.

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(1) A.U.C. v. C.U.C., won by A.U.C. (17-7); (2) V.U.C. v. O.U.. won by OU (7-5); (3) C.U.C. v. V.U.C., won by V.U.C. (18-7); (4) A.U.C. v. O.U., won by A.U.C. (12-6).


Joynt Scroll: Otago. Best Speakers: J. A. Stallwortby (O.), W. S. Mountjoy (V.).


Men's Singles: C. E. Malfroy (V.). Men's Doubles: A. C. Stedman, J E Stedman (A.). Ladies' Singles: Miss M. O. Miller (A.). Ladies' Doubles: Misses D E Scott, L. S. Ballantyne (O.). Mixed Doubles: Miss M. O. Miller, A. C. Stedman (A.).


Bantamweight: W. McAlevey (O.). Featherweight: D. Edwards (V.). Lightweight: A. E. Stirling (C.). Welterweight: M. E. Mahoney (V.). Middleweight: W. P. Allan (O.). Heavyweight: G. N. Frear (A.).


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