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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review, June 1929



The Boxing Club is proud of the performance of the team at the University Tournament. It was a source of pleasure and gratification to all interested in the Club to learn that boxing at V.U.C., after a somewhat lean spell, has at last come into its own.

The success was due in no small measure to the efforts of the instructor-trainer, Mr. R. Brien, who sent away every man brimful of knowledge, and in the pink of condition. At the tournament it was noticeable that whereas the other colleges had their own masseurs and trainers, Victoria College had to rely on the services of other members of the tournament team. This year, fortunately, they were in the capable hands of Messrs. G. J. Sceats and G. B. Richardson, who deserve great praise for their invaluable assistance. However, the services of a masseur are essential, and in future it is desirable that one should accompany the team.

For the first time in a number of years the lessons held every week in the gym. are being well attended. In view of the flourishing state of affairs it is proposed to revive an old custom by having the college championships towards the end of this term. This should sustain the present enthusiasm as well as stimulate others to come to the practices, and so give the selectors a line on form for the next tournament team. V.U.C. has never as yet won the Boxing Shield outright, but with such a wealth of new material and with so many excellent facilities for improvement, it seems that the time is now ripe for bringing the Boxing Shield to V.U.C.