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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review, June 1929

Sydney Trip

page 65

Sydney Trip.

The following team left New Zealand on 24th May:—E. K. Eastwood, J. N. Goodson, F. S. Ramson, V.U.C.; D. W. Bain, D. C. Harley, H. A. Henderson, E. B. Taylor, C.U.C.; J. Webber, O.U.

Arrived Sydney 28th May. Most of team felt to a certain extent the effects of the boat trip, but with a run on the Wednesday and Thursday had settled down for the meeting on Saturday.

First meeting held on Church of England Grammar School grounds at North-bridge. Heavy rain overnight had soaked the ground, and frequent showers during the day made conditions unpleasant for running. In spite of this, good times were, registered in most events, and the State team was beaten by seven events to two. This victory was very heartening, as, although the State team was not in the best of training, it included Norman and Hunt, two Olympic representative runners.

The results were:—100 Yards: J. N. Goodson (N.Z.). 220 Yards: E. K. Eastwood (N.Z.). 440 Yards: E. K. Eastwood (N.Z.). 880 Yards: J. Webber (N.Z.). One Mile: E. B. Taylor (N.Z.). 120 Yards Hurdles: F. S. Ramson (N.Z.). Long Jump: N.S.W. Shot Putt: N.S.W. Hammer: H. A. Henderson (N.Z.).

On Wednesday, 5th, met Australian University team on University Oval, Sydney. The Australian University team was on paper a particularly strong one. and lived up to its reputation. The N.Z.U. team won only one event, shot putt (H. A. Henderson). Although beaten in most of the events, the N.Z.U. team gave a good account of itself and nearly all the events were closely contested.

Mr. E. V. Dunbar managed the team, and was assisted by a member of the team, E. B. E. Taylor. The team is indebted to Mr. Dunbar for his unflagging enthusiasm, his assistance on the track, and his generous support for their entertainment.

The results are:—100 Yards: J. B. Rowe (A.), 1; E. M. Davidson (A.), 2; J. N. Goodson (N.Z.), 3. Time, 10 3-Ssec. 220 Yards: E. M. Davidson (A.). 1; E. K. Eastwood (N.Z.), 2; R. Tynan (A.), 3. Time, 22 4-Ssec. Quarter-mile: A. H. Young (A.), 1; E. K. Eastwood (N.Z.), 2; C. P. C. Reilly (A.), 3. Time, 51sec. Half-mile: W. Fenton-Brown (A.). 1; C. Grant (A.). 2; J. H. Webber (N.Z.), 3. Time, 2min. 1sec. Mile Run: A. J. Hillhouse (A.). 1; E. B. E. Taylor (N.Z.), 2; L. Nichterlein (A.). 3. Time, 4min. 29 1-5sec. 120 Yards Hurdles: O. E. Worth (A.), 1; F. S. Ramson (N.Z.), 2; C. R. Wallace (A.), 3. Time, 16sec. 440 Yards Hurdles: H. White (A.), 1; C. R. Wallace (A.), 2; F. S. Ramson (N.Z.), 3. Time, 59 3-5sec. Broad Jump: O. E. Worth (A.), 21ft. 7½., 1: H. H. M. Finemore (A.), 21ft. 2½n. 2; F. S. Ramson (N.Z.), 20ft., 3. Shot Putt: H. A. Henderson (N.Z.), 37ft. 7½in., 1; R. C. Mackay (A.), 37ft. 3in., 2; page 66 I. H. Seppelt (A.), 36ft. 8in., 3. Hammer: M. Rosenblum (A.), 113ft. 8in., 1; T. B. Dodds (A.), 108ft. 5½in., 2; H. A. Henderson (N.Z.). 107ft. 10in., 3. Medley Relay: Australia (C. Grant. A. H. Young, J. B. Rowe, and E. M. Davidson). 1; New Zealand (J. H. Webber, E. K. Eastwood, F. S. Ramson and J. N. Goodson), 2. Time, 3min. 43sec.