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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review, June 1929

Athletic Club

Athletic Club.

Pindar, the Greek poet who has most often sung of the Olympic Games, summed up the feelings of every victor in the words: "He that overcometh hath, because of the games, a sweet tranquility throughout his life for evermore."

Although not all victors in the usual sense, we subscribe to the soul of the quoted passage.

The Club has been numerically quite as strong as in previous years, with a slight increase due to the infusion of younger men's enthusiasm and participation. They are the ones who really overcame the biggest obstacle, the little effort of will to take part, "get going." Once begun, the beauty of the game grows, and therein lies the "sweet tranquility."

The Club was well represented in most Centre meetings, especially after the vacation, and thereby much valuable experience was gained for Inter-Faculty, and, to the fortunate ones, for Tournament.

The Inter-Faculty sports were held on Kelburn Park this year, and were as happy as a family gathering. Performances were, on the whole, of a high standard, and spectators and participants alike could not but be satisfied with such a glorious day and good fare.

The team for Tournament was selected on the season's performances, and can be seen in Tournament Notes. The deeds are there chronicled and speak for themselves.

The results of Inter-Faculty were well in favour of Arts and Science, who easily won the Banner (which, sad to say, is more or less in tatters and needs replacing by something more substantial).

Jenkins had things his own way in the 100 and 200, and Goodson, Eastwood and Wilby divided honours in the other positions. Leech won the 880. mile, and three miles in good style, and Watt. O. J. Richardson, and Fabian were battlers for the other positions. Ramson had both hurdles earmarked, as also the long jump and high jump. Mackay jumped well in the long jump also, both Ramson and he breaking the record. Jones collected discus and shot, Sceats broke the javelin record, the new rules governing them.

Ramson was the only one to show out in Provincial and New Zealand Championships, but Barker was unfortunate in not being given a chance for the New Zealand long jump.