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The Spike or Victoria University College Review September 1927



By the time "Spike" appears in print, the Club will have sustained the grievous loss of two good trampers and true, a loss which it can ill afford. Mr. Stuart Wilson surprised us by quietly getting married on the day after Capping. The news was hard to credit, but we are slowly becoming accustomed to the new state of affairs. The Club does miss Stuart, however, his cheery countenance, his boundless energy, his good humour, his skill as camp cook. We are still in hopes that his retirement from the Club is only a temporary defection and that once again will we tramp the Kaitoke Road with him. Are we too optimistic? The second of our trampers whom we hail and farewell is Mr. W. H. Jolliffe, who is leaving us at the end of August, bound for Edinburgh University. He has had a long and honourable connection with the Club, and for two years was its faithful and popular Secretary. "Bill" was the guest of the Club at a pleasant farewell, where Prof. Boyd-Wilson, mellowed by a memorable supper, was in a reminiscent mood and recalled to us some of the "ardours and endurances "of former club days. Incidentally he paid tribute to the sterling qualities of our now lost leader. We have but one consolation to stay us in the passing months, we bid "Bill" not adieu, but au revoir. The days fly by so quickly that it will not be long before we once more see him patiently crouched over a few wet sticks and gently persuading a recalcitrant fire to burn in the pouring rain. He is a past master at that game.

The Club also takes this opportunity to welcome back home Dr. J. S. Yeates, one of the old stalwarts of the Club. Although we understand that our learned friend has now other interests in life besides tramping, yet we assure him that a warm welcome awaits him in our ranks if ever again the joys of the road should tempt him to shoulder the tramper's swag.