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The Spike or Victoria University College Review September 1927

Something for Everyone! — Easter Tournament, 1928

Something for Everyone!

Easter Tournament, 1928.

The Inter-University Tournament will be held in Wellington next Easter. Teams from the four Colleges will be competing in what has come to be regarded as the greatest event of the University year. V.U.C. must make every effort to ensure the success of the contest. In the first place it is up to us to repay the past hospitality of the other Colleges, and first and foremost we must have whole-hearted support, in connection with billeting our guests. The second consideration is that we should be able to field our very strongest team of representatives next year, as there is no travelling entailed. We want no more half-trained boxing teams, tennis pairs who have not played together, and so on. For some years past the athletic team has done great work at tournament time, without a vestige of support from the other teams. Let next Easter see every team training hard and consistently in an effort to win the Tournament Shield for V.U.C.

Various committees have been elected, to be responsible for the general management of the separate events:—
  • Programme.—Mr. H. McCormick.
  • Entertainment.—Misses Line and Sheat, Messrs. Paul, Sceats, Harris and Hislop.
  • Billeting.—Messrs. Paul and Macarthur.
  • Athletics.—Messrs. McCormick, Hill, Tracy and Allan.
  • Tennis.—Messrs. Paul, Scott, Hay and Foden.
  • Shooting.—Messrs. Bollard and Macarihur.
  • Debating.—Messrs. Rollings, Tracy, and Platts-Mills.
  • Boxing.—Messrs. Sceats, Heenan, Stewart, Tracy and Coningham.
  • Basketball.—Miss Sheppard.
  • Tournament Ball.—Messrs. Paul, Macarthur, Tracy and Dunn, Misses I. Smith and Birnie.
The proposed time-table of events is as follows:—
  • Good Friday.—Arrival of visitors. Official Photograph.
  • Reception and Afternoon Tea.page 8
  • Saturday.—Tennis. Boxing Preliminaries (morning). Boxing Finals (8 p.m.). Rendezvous.
  • Sunday.—Motor Drive.
  • Monday.—Basketball. Athletic Championships. Debate (evening).
  • Tuesday.—Tennis Finals. Tournament Ball.
  • Wednesday.—Rendezvous. Morning Tea. Visitors leave Wednesday night.

If you want to represent V.U.C. get into touch with the secretaries of the various clubs. Your delegates will also be ready to give any information or assistance. Remember that one of the best ways you can help is to billet one of the visitors.

L. A. Tracy,

I. H. Macarthur,

Tournament Delegates.