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The Spike or Victoria University College Review, June 1927

[description of the tournament]

page 34

The Southern Teams arrived in Wellington per S.S. "Maori" on Thursday morning, April 14th. Their advent was very quiet as also was their welcome. The reason for this quietness was good in each case. The travellers had had a very rough trip, and quite a few experienced considerable difficulty in getting up to see Wellington. Therefore, as has already been said, their advent was quiet. Their welcome was quiet because there were but four from "Wikitoria" to greet them. One wonders if this might not have been an opportunity for the "Haeremai" Club. If it was it was not accepted.

The lack of guides caused some inconvenience in transporting the visitors to breakfast, and some of Canterbury University College's Basketball players were lost for a short time before they finally enjoyed the hospitality of the "Trocadero." Having enjoyed (we hope) their breakfast, the members of the Otago and Canterbury teams were left to their own resources. In this respect we are indebted to the officials of the University Club for placing the use of their rooms at the disposal of the male members of these teams.

At 3.80 p.m. the Otago and Canterbury representatives, together with the Victoria Team departed in the Express for Auckland. The journey was much like other train journeys, the only consolation being the longer you had been in the train, the nearer you were to the end. At the various stops on the way up, members of the teams alighted, either to imbibe refreshment or to entertain the inhabitants with song and dance. Otherwise nothing occurred to break the monotony of the journey. Of course, most people attempted to sleep for at least part of the time; some succeeded, most did not, and consequently when the train reached Auckland about 10 o'clock next day, the travellers all looked pretty tired. The Aucklanders had made splendid arrangements, and in a very short time the visitors were allotted to their billets.

On Friday afternoon the visitors were welcomed to Auckland by the Mayor of that City. The ceremony took place after the photograph of the representatives had been taken, and as it was held in the Hall of the New Auckland University College, members of the Southern Teams had an opportunity of inspecting the Auckland Students' new quarters. The more one saw of the new College, the more one liked it. The Students' block in particular, took the fancy. One could not help but think that if the Auckland University College Profesorial Board should ever deem it necessary to "punish" the students by closing the Common Room, their action would at least have the virtue of being a punishment, and not almost a relief. Saturday saw the commencement of the Tournament proper. The Tennis and Boxing preliminaries were held in the morning, some of the Tennis semi-finals in the afternoon and the Boxing finals in the evening. On Sunday afternoon a fleet of cars conveyed members of the Tournament Teams through the Domain Drive and Ellerslie Gardens to One Tree Hill, where afternoon tea was indulged in, and sundry songs and "hakas" given. Victoria as usual failed in the "Hakas" but her representatives and supporters made page 35 up in other varieties of noise. This is still another chance for the Haeremai Club. Victoria University College does want a "Haka."

On Monday the Basketball, Athletics and Debate all took place, the last named, however, only after the Auckland Town Hall Concert Chamber had been cleared of students. It is most unfortunate that students look on the Debate, not as a "Contest," but as an opportunity for a display of alleged "wit" and noise. This year some would be "humourist" even went to the length of bombarding the judges with tomatoes. We are pleased to be able to report that this "gentleman" does not belong to Victoria.

On Tuesday the finals of the Tennis, and the Ball in the evening brought the Tournament to a close, and then on Wednesday night came the sad farewells. The Auckland students are certainly to be congratulated upon the way they conducted the Tournament. Aided by good behaviour on the part of the weather, everything went splendidly and all members of the visiting teams were sorry to leave Auckland.

Before setting out the detailed results of the Tournament, Victoria University College's congratulations are extended to Auckland University College on winning the Tournament Shield, the shield of the Tournament. The following are the details of the points for the Tournament Shield:—

Auckland Otago Victoria Canterbury Athletics 3 4 7 1 Boxing 3 1/2 3 1/2 0 0 Tennis 4 1 0 1 Shooting 4 1 0 0 Debating 0 1 0 1 Basketball 1 0 0 0 15 1/2 10 1/2 7 3

It is to be hoped that students will carefully consider the above results and realise that it is time that Victoria University College did something in all the sports and not leave it to the Athletic Team to save the College Reputation. The Tournament Shield Competition was inaugurated in 1923, with the following results:—

  • 1923 won by Otago University
  • 1924 won by Otago University
  • 1925 won by Otago University
  • 1926 won by Canterbury University College
  • 1927 won by Auckland University College

Students should make up their minds that 1928 will read "Won by Victoria University College." To do this, the College Clubs should get busy now and not leave the whole matter to be arranged three or four weeks before Easter. The Boxing and page 36 Basketball Teams should from now onward be training and recieving good coaching. There are plenty of past students of the College still interested in the College, and they would, if approached, be only too willing to give every assistance. The Debating team should be elected shortly, when they would no doubt be able to receive the name of the subject for Debate next year. The Tennis and Shooting teams should be practising every Saturday, so that when Easter comes round, every representative will be in good form.