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The Spike or Victoria University College Review, June 1927

Graduates, 1927

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Graduates, 1927.

Doctor of Philosophy.

Cunningham, Gordon Herriot.

Masters of Arts with Honours

Cooley, Mary Elizabeth 2nd Class in French.
Leitch, Madeline Lilian 2nd Class in History.
Lochore, Reuel Anson 1st Class in French.
Mulholland, Frederica Louisa 2nd Class in Economics.
Nicholls, Lorna May 2nd Class in Latin and French.
Palmer, Eric Lee (deceased) 2nd Class in French.
Parker, Gilbert Edgar 2nd Class in French.
Sheppard, Olive Marcia 2nd Class in Philosophy
Shotlander, Lionel 1st Class in Mathematics.
Smith, Isabel Gordon 2nd Class in History.
Spurdle, Frederick George 1st Class in History.
Waterworth, Elfrida Marcella 2nd Class in History.

Masters of Arts.

Brown, John Kerr. Kirk, Ida May.
Buchanan, Catherine. Patterson, Agnes.
Downes, Alice Mary. Whitehead. Harold Gilbert.

Bachelors of Arts

  • Arthur, George.
  • Atkins, Arnold Sharp.
  • Bagley, Cedric John.
  • Bartlett, Cora.
  • *Beaglehole, Ernest.
  • Cross, Rona.
  • Dalefield, Lydia Alice.
  • Dyer, Humphrey Goring.
  • Fletcher, Ella Sybil.
  • Fraser, Ian Watson.
  • Hadfield, Dorothy.
  • Hall, John Herbert.
  • Hamilton, Andrew Kay.
  • Harris, Cecil Thomas.
  • Henderson, Isabel Frances Marie.
  • Hind, Florence Mary.
  • James, Charles Gawaine Richard.
  • Johns, Walter Dennis.
  • Kane, Margaret Gwendonne.
  • Kilsby, Alfred Stephen.
  • Kraft, Linda Myrtle.
  • Mackay, Duncan.
  • Mackenzie, Robert Henry Craig.
  • McCormick, Eric Hall.
  • McKittrick, Netta Josephine.
  • McLeod, May.
  • McPherson, Margaret.
  • McQuillan, Kathrene Maude.
  • O'Callaghan, Mary Kate.
  • O'Donnell, Mary Ellen.
  • Paine, Charles Haswell.
  • Paul, Francis Howard Beare.
  • Peddie, George Alexander.
  • Power, Anna Mary.
  • Richardson, Gordon Bennett.
  • Rubick, Sophia Rana.
  • Scanlon, Albert Vincent.
  • Shallcrass, Mary.
  • Sleight, George Frederick.
  • *Smith, Constance Gretta.
  • Sutch, William Ball.
  • Thomson, Marjorie McLean.
  • Walsh. William Henry Patrick.

* Senior University Scholar.

Masters of Science with Honours.

Brogan, Francis Joseph Anthony. 1st Class in Chemistry.
Copping, Alice Mary. 2nd Class in Chemistry.
Richardson, George Maxwell. 1st Class in Chemistry.

Masters of Science

  • Dagger, James Robertson.
  • Moore. Reginald.
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Bachelors of Science

  • Bates, Eric Mervyn.
  • Dixon, Arthur Kenneth.
  • Gentry Frederick Charles.
  • Jolliffe, William Hylton.
  • Kalaugher, Wilfred George.
  • Lattey, Margaret Ursula.
  • Lock, Alfred Edward.
  • Lovatt, Cyrus Roy.
  • *Oliver, Walter Reginald Brook.
  • Shallcrass, Audrey.
  • Walpole, Ernest.

* Senior University Scholar.

Masters of Laws

  • Little, Norman Fenwick.
  • Waddy, Percival Richard.

Bachelors of Laws

  • Allan, Colin Barkwith.
  • Arndt, Charles Henry.
  • Billing, Henry Reginald.
  • Blathwayt, John de Visme Wynter.
  • Burns, Hector Nisbet.
  • Down, Annie Harriet.
  • Hjorring, Ivan Larnach.
  • Lovell, Herbert Cecil Garfield.
  • Macallan, Guy.
  • Warburton, Rolla.
  • Webb, Ernest Gordon.

Bachelors of Commerce

  • Abernethy, Allan Hector.
  • Blake, Gordon Charles.
  • Espiner, Eric William Arnold.
  • Ivory, Arthur Henry.
  • Lambie, William Douglas.
  • Scott, Hedley Vicars.
  • Stockman, Eve.

Diplomas in Education

  • Aldis, Wilfred Charles Arthur.
  • Downes, Winifred.
  • Fowler, Etta Margaret.
  • Macdonald, Mary Ellen Matheson.
  • Spurdle, Ferederick George.

Diploma in Social Science

  • Magill, Margaret.

Diplomas in Journalism

  • James, Charles Gawaine Richard
  • Walton, William Llewellyn.

Diploma in Banking

  • McFadyen, Frank Alexander (Member Bank Officers' Guild).