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The Spike or Victoria University College Review, June 1927

Victoria University College Officers, 1927

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Victoria University College Officers, 1927.

Students' Association.

President: F. H. Paul, B.A.; Vice-Presidents: Miss F. Line, and I. H. Macarthur; Hon. Secretary: G. J. Sceats; Hon. Treasurer: A. R. F. Mackay; Committee: Misses L. Mitchell, A. Sheat, and K. Birnie; Messrs. J. Platts-Mills, W. S. Harris, and D. J. Donald (Editor, "Spike").

Victoria University College Graduates' and Past Students' Association.

President: G. E. Craig, L.L.M.; Hon. Secretary: Miss Mary Mackenzie, M.A.; Hon. Treasurer: E. T. Hogg, LL.B. Committee: Mrs. John Hannah, Miss J. Hare, B.A.; Messrs. G. F. Dixon; S. Eichelbaum, M.A., LL.B.; G. G. Watson, M.A., LL.B.; S. A. Wiren, B.A., LLM.

Debating Society.

President: Dr. I. L. G. Sutherland; Vice-Presidents: Messrs W. P. Rollings (Chairman), and J. W. G. Davidson; Hon. Secretary: J. Platts-Mills; Hon Treasurer; A. E. Campbell; Committee; Misses M. E. Cooley, M.A., and J. L. Moncrieff, Messrs. C. G. R. James, B.A., and R. E. Pope.

Dramatic Club.

President: Miss M. E. Cooley, M.A.; Secretary: A. E. Campbell; Treasurer: G. E. Vercoe; Committee: Misses K. Birnie and M. Watson; Messrs. I. W. Fraser, B.A., and R. Hogg.

Free Discussions Club.

President: Professor Hunter; Vice-President: Mr. F. F. Miles, B.A.; Chairman: Dr. I. L. G. Sutherland; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer: E. Beaglehole, B.A.; Committee: Misses A. Sheat, A. Mason, and H. Forde, Messrs. A. E. Campbell, Gilpan, and McWilliams.

Christian Union.

President: Mr. I. W. Fraser, B.A.; Vice-President: Miss A. Stewart; Recording Secretary: Miss L. Mitchell; Corresponding Secretary: Mr. K. Dixon, B.Sc.; Hon. Treasurer: Miss M. Johnson; Committee: Miss A. Mason, Messrs. R. Griffiths, and K. F. Larsen.

Mathematical and Physical Society.

President; G. A. Peddie, B.A.; Vice-President: R. M. Dolby; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer: F. W. G. White; Committee: Miss A. M. Downes, M.A., and J. W. Harding.

Football Club.

President: Professor Boyd-Wilson; Club Captain: P. Martin-Smith, B.A., LL.B.; Deputy Captain: H. N. Burns, LL.B.; Hon. Secretary: N. G. Whiteman; Hon, Treasurer; R. H. C. Mackenzie; Committee; Messrs. A. W. Miller, and J. Platts-Mills.

Cricket Club.

President: Professor Hunter; Club Captain: R. H. C. Mackenzie, B.A.; Deputy Club Captain: A. M. Hollings; Hon. Secretary: R. E. Tripe; Hon. Treasurer: C. H. Hain, LL.B.; Committee: Messrs. C. H. Arndt, LL.B., J. Grieg, W. J. Hall, and G. L. Caldwell.

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Athletic Club.

President: Professor Hunter; Club Captain: H. McCormick; Hon. Secretary: F. S. Hill; Hon Treasurer: C. B. Allan, LL.B.; Committee: Messrs, A. D. Priestly, and F. H. Paul.

Tennis Club.

Chairman: C. E. Scott; Hon. Treasurer: A. MacKay; Hon. Secretary: E. Walpole, B.Sc. (W. Hay, acting); Committee; Misses Goodwin, Cameron and Hadfield; Messrs. Macarthur. Paul, and Plank.

Basketball Club.

Club Captain: L. Gray; Vice-Captain: M. Maclaurin; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer: E. Park; Committee: M. Briggs, M. Downes, and D. Bell.

Boxing Club.

Chairman: J. Platts-Mills; Vice-Chairman: G. B. Richardson; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer: G. J. Sceats; Committee: Messrs. E. W. Mills, Cooper, and W. Wilson.

Haeremai Club.

President: Professor Murphy; Chairman: G. A. Nicholls; Hon Secretary and Treasurer: W. Goodwin; Committee: Messrs. J. Platts-Mills, R. H. C. Mackenzie, W. E. Wilson, H. E. Moore, M. Mullins; Hon. Pianist: M. Mullins; Hon. Cooks: Messrs. A. M. Hollings, and W. H. Dormer.

Tramping Club.

President: Professor Boyd-Wilson; Chairman: S. A. Wilson. B.A., LL.M.; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer: E. Beaglehole. B.A.; Committee: Misses A. Lysaght, E. Holmes, B.A., and N. Fowler. M.A.; Messrs. K. D. Grocott, B.Sc., W. H. Jolliffe, B.Sc., and S. Lambourne.

"The Spike."

Editor: D. J. Donald; Sub-Editor Miss A. M. Lysaght, and E. Beaglehole, B.A.