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The Spike or Victoria University College Review, June 1927

Haeremai Club

Haeremai Club.

At a meeting of men students held early in the year the Haeremai Club was revived in the hope that a much needed shake up would be given to those social activities in which we are still permitted to take part. The Committee was faced with the awful problem "where to start." So far the Club has assisted several theatrical performances from the "family circle" and has provided a "Haeremai" social evening in the Gymnasium, at which about a hundred men were present. Musical and other doubtful items were contributed and the evening wound up with the traditional pie and coffee supper. We congratulate the Club cooks on their pastry. We propose to have several more such evenings during the year, and the Committee will welcome suggestions for variation of the procedure in order that monotony may be avoided. We hope to form a Jazz Band and, for the purpose of having a suitable repertoire on ceremonial occasions, to compile a small book of popular choruses, both original and parodied. Will members and others reading these notes please write out the words of any one popular song or parody on the same, and leave it in the rack addressed to the Secretary. We have arranged for the rack to be enlarged for the purpose, and trust that no further invitation than this will be necessary.

The objects of the Club are primarily to promote and increase the interest of students in the social side of College life and to provide social entertainment where possible. A Haeremai Club haka has been developed, and this will satisfy a much needed want.

In conclusion, we desire to record our emphatic protest against the curtailment of our traditional functions, the Capping Procession and the Capping Ceremony.