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The Spike or Victoria University College Review, June 1927

Victoria University College Graduates' and Past Students' Association

page 45

Victoria University College Graduates' and Past Students' Association.

By the time this issue of the "Spike" has seen the light of day, the first of the Association's social activities for this year—the welcome to new graduates—will be well, and we hope successfully, over. Three much enjoyed social functions were held last year, and it is hoped to hold at least as many during the coming months. Last year's record shows that the Association has been by no means idle. The movement for a University Club, which was inaugurated by the Association, has been brought to a successful conclusion, and, with the assistance of the International Federation of University Women, efforts are now being made through which the dream of a similar club for University women will become, we hope, a reality. The latest move of the committee is in the direction of the compilation of a Victoria College song book, and the co-operation of the College Council and of the Students' Association has already been solicited and promised.

The Association has indeed justified its existence, but how much more might yet be accomplished were more enthusiastic support forthcoming from our graduates and past students. Every year the list of graduates grows rapidly longer and longer, but not so the roll of the Graduates' and Past Students' Assoiation whose total membership numbers but one hundred and eight. What has happened to all those students who have passed through V.U.C. during the twenty eight years of its life? Has all interest in their Alma Mater vanished when they themselves have vanished from the lecture rooms? Have they no concern for the College of to-day, or of the days that are to' be?

Perhaps they have not yet realized that for the trifling sum of One Guinea they can keep in touch with V.U.C. ad infinitum.

Graduates—new and old! Past Students—near and far! If you have never thought about it before, think about it now. It is never too late to join the Graduates' and Past Students' Association, but the best time to do it is Now.