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The Spike or Victoria University College Review, June 1927

Answers To Correspondents

page 32

Answers To Correspondents


R. D—dr—h: "Move tea, move toast, Auntie." Yes, that is the book.

G. E. P—rk—r and Sc—t: And life seems green And life seems vast When thinking of Otago.

P. W. R—b—ts—n: No we agree, the exec. is miserly; after all, eighteen pence is not much pro bono publico. Try the engineering lab., they have the latest cross cut saw.

W. J. H—yt—g: Altogether too childish and disconnected. We suggest a course of highland dancing. Kilts would suit you admirably.

W. S. Br—k: "What did the sparrow say when the Ford car ran over him?" "Chestnut, chestnut laddie, anyway isn't it a Chev?"

W. P. R—ll—ngs: We are ashamed of you. If you use Palmolive you will find washing quite a recreation.

J. H. D—n: Yes, knee-breeches, even if they are khaki, give one an air of distinction, but we certainly agree that an eyeglass is needed to complete the outfit.

I—n Fr—s—r: No, we agree that acting the goat at college debates is something altogether nut of harmony with a high spiritual nature.

H. Iv—ry: Don't be discouraged. If you provide yourself with a portable step-ladder you should be able to watch without much trouble. We doubt, however, whether you can secure one to accomodate more than two.

J. N—ch—ls: Yes, we have heard of the song which your club wishes to secure, but we regret to say that its introduction into New Zealand is strictly prohibited.

page break V.U.C. Tournament Representatives, 1927. Photo by Vinsen.