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The Spike or Victoria University College Review, June 1927

An Exhortation

page 20

An Exhortation.

While we are glad to find a fairly respectable number of old contributors again helping to fill our pages, we cannot but characterise the increasing scarcity of new contributors as lamentable. It is with a blush of shame that we record the fact that less than half a dozen "freshers" have appeared this year on the literary horizon. Only one reason for this state of affairs can possibly exist, and we are not going to mention it, for fear of getting ourselves disliked. It will be sufficient to say that if every student whose head is something better than a hatpeg were to give himself up to half-an-hour's introspection on the subject, we should have such an influx of contributions that "The Spike" would become almost a success. But as long as fifteen or sixteen people, out of a total of seven or eight hundred, are compelled to take on their shoulders the whole burden of its production, so long will "The Spike" go on not being, in any true sense, the organ and mouthpiece of Victoria College.