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The Spike or Victoria University College Review June 1926

The Graduates of the Year

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The Graduates of the Year

Masters of Arts with Honours.

Aldis, Wilfrid Charles Arthur 2nd Class in Latin
Campbell, Richard Mitchelson 1st Class in Economics
Delaney, Joseph Thomas 2nd Class in Latin and French
Grigg, Edward William 2nd Class in History
Hayes, Dorothy Edith 2nd Class in Economics
Kalaugher, Wilfrid George 1st Class in Mathematics
Leadbetter, Malcolm 2nd Class in Mathematics
Mackenzie, Mary Isabel 2nd Class in History
Mullon, Elmira Chadwick 2nd Class in English and French
Peryman, Henry Lipman Erle 2nd Class in French and Latin
Pope, Eileen Margaret 2nd Class in Chemistry
Ward, Rhoda Amy 2nd Class in History

Masters of Arts.

  • Baird, William George
  • Brown, William Binet
  • Goodwin, Mary Stewart
  • Jackson, Beryl Annie
  • (Klimeck, Martin Joseph)
  • Mayne, Robert John
  • McGregor, Jessie Alexa
  • Roussell, May Vielle
  • Rowntree, Ernest Henry Walton
  • Scarrow, Gertrude Victoria

Bachelors of Arts.

  • Astle, Norma
  • Benbow. Alice Ilona
  • Blakency, Jack Morris
  • Boyes, Edmond Ernest Cave
  • Brown, John Kerr Mitcalfe,
  • Buchanan, Catherine
  • Burton, Thomas Herbert
  • Cameron, Flora Morison
  • Cooley, Mary Elizabeth
  • Craig, Agnes Beatrice
  • Cumming, Alexander
  • Davis, Doris Diana
  • Downes, Alice Mary
  • Elliott, Valda Kathleen
  • Fielder, Leonard Arthur
  • Fox, Catherine Dorothy
  • Francis, Vivian Frederick O'dem
  • Gray, Olive
  • Griffin. Arthur William
  • Hadfield, Ernestine Mirian
  • Hall, Walter James
  • Herdman, Albert Lawrence
  • Hislop, Thomas Gordon
  • Hogarth, Elizabeth Pauline
  • Lenz, Millicent Olive
  • *Mackenzie, Fraser
  • Meffan, James Mann
  • Milnes, Ruby Olive
  • Madeline Nevill
  • Mitchell, Lilian May
  • Moncrieff, Janet Laura
  • Mulholland, Frederica Louisa
  • McDonald, Eileen Ailsa (Canterbury)
  • McNiven, Jessie Irene Eliza
  • Nicholls, Lorna May
  • Palmer. Eric Lee
  • *Parker, Gilbert Edgar
  • Locksley Patterson, Agnes
  • Rendle, Charles Arthur
  • Sheppard, Olive Marcia
  • Smith, Marion Edith
  • Spurdle, Frederick George
  • Steele, James Thomas Yillers
  • Tanner, Dorothy Louisa
  • Waterworth, Elfrida Marcella
  • Wilson, Flora Macdonald (at Canterbury)
  • Zohrab, Amyas Constantine

* Senior University Scholars.

Masters of Science with Honours.

Barnicoat, Cuthbert Richmond 1st Class in Chemistry
Cunningham, Gordon Herriot 2nd Class in Botany
Foster, Laurence Dallington 2nd Class in Chemistry
(Miller, David) 1st Class in Zoology
Penseler, Wolfram Hermann Al 2nd Class in Geology
bert 2nd Class in Mathematics
(Ward, William Crabb)
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Master of Science.

Young, Russell Richard Thomas

Bachelors of Science.

  • Battersby, Rose Isabella
  • Brogan, Francis Joseph Anthony
  • Copping, Alice Mary
  • Dagger, James Robertson
  • Dixon, James Roy
  • Forsyth, Minnie Alexandra
  • Grocott, Keith Dryden
  • Haigh, Henry James
  • Hardie, Lawrence Collins
  • Matthews, Kilvert Lewis
  • Plank, Charles Stephen
  • *Richardson, George Maxwell
  • Stuart, Alexander
  • *Whyte, Robert Orr


* Senior University Scholars.

Bachelor of Agriculture.

Gibbs, J. Gordon (Canterbury College

Masters of Law with Honours.

MacDuff, John Levy 2nd Class Honours
Virtue, David Wilson 1st Class Honours
Wallace, James Frederick Russell 2nd Class Honours

Masters of Law.

Foden, Norman Arthur Thompson, Henry James

Bachelors of Law.

  • Bain, Robert George Gardiner
  • Bedingfield, Douglas Laurence
  • Beckingsale, Frank Roy Nelson (1925)
  • Brosnan, James Deen
  • (Chaplin, Walter Thomas)
  • Dalglish, Douglas James
  • Harkness. Philip Gordon
  • Irvine, Clarence Noel
  • Kent George Cecil
  • Miles, James William Yexley
  • Rothwell, Eric Francis Roy, Kenneth Graham
  • Scott, Charles Evans
  • Stewart, James Lockie
  • Watterson, Malcolm Roy
  • Winfield, Cyril

Masters of Commerce with Honours.

Mackay, Athol Reay Ferguson 2nd Class in Economics and Economic History
Thompson, Henry James 1st Class in Economics and Economic History

Bachelors of Commerce.

  • Cordery, Hugh Sherwood
  • Price, Cyril Joseph Rutherford

Bachelor of Dental Surgery.

Williams, William Eric (University of Otago)

Medal presented by the French Government for most brilliant student in the French Class—F. Mackenzie, B.A.

Diplomas of Education.

  • Barnsdale, Gwynedd Vaughan
  • Joiner, Dorothy Margaret
  • Macdonald, Eileen Ailsa
  • Patterson, Grace (Otago)
  • Smith, Isabel Gordon
  • Whitehead, Hedley Garth

Diplomas in Banking

  • Chamberlain, Joseph Henry
  • Hart William Donald
  • Patchett, Huia Kapiti Fraser
  • Redgrave, Cecil Edgar
  • Smith, Henry Knowles