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The Spike or Victoria University College Review June 1926

Answers to Correspondents

page 80

Answers to Correspondents

Shall quips and sentences and these paper bullets of the brain

Awe a man from the career of his humour?

—"Much Ado about Nothing."

answers to correspondents

G. H. R. Y——ng: Sorry that your touching appeal in the Extrav. programme has failed to produce any results; but we are afraid that we cannot insert matrimonial advertisements in the "Spike."

R. M. C—mpb—ll: Congratulations on your win. This is probably the quotation that G. F. D-x-n was raving about:

Of the subject that the meeting was considering at the time, If he didn't seem to like it, "Out of order" was his chime; And he calmly very coolly often subsequently ruled His ruling out of order and That ruling over-ruled.

—"Spike," 1902.

This sort of thing would certainly seem to be essentially preliminary to collaring a private secretary's job.

C. G. R. J-m-s: Your newspaper certainly is an oyster for originality. Take this, for instance, from the issue of 29th May, 1926: "The deputation was introduced by Mr. M. J. Savage, M.P., and Messrs. W. E. Parry, J. A. Lee, M.P.'s, and Mason were almost present." But not quite all there, of course. We understand.

T. G. H—sl—p: How awkward! We fully sympathise with your feelings as sponsor for the lads on their little outing. What about "The Grievings of a Godfather" as a title for your apologia?

Prof. XYW: So glad that you have written to the "Spike" about it. We shall certainly preserve the closest confidence in the matter. The students need not have been so deucedly hard on a fellow's tenderer feelings, although Ostler didn't seem to mind.

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