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The Spike or Victoria University College Review June 1926


page 64



After a highly successful season last year, the College Football Club' commenced the season full of high hopes. So far, though prospects are brightening, these hopes have not been fulfilled. The first fifteen is an aggregation of brilliant individuals who, except on one or two occasions, have displayed a lamentable lack of combination, without which no club team can hope to win matches. But it is not the loss of matches that hurts—even though they should have been won; it is the playing of feeble football that galls. As individuals there can be no complaint against any member of the Senior A team, but as a team everyone is to be blamed for lack of co-ordination, the indispensable quality to good team play. As has been already remarked, things are looking up, and if the improvement shown after the end of the vacation continues the College Senior A team should be in one of the three leading positions at the end of the season. The vacation may, no doubt, be to blame, in a measure, for the feeble results so far achieved, but the success of the Senior B team in spite of the loan of players to Senior A shows that we cannot blame the vacation entirely. The success of this Senior B team has surprised even the most optimistic of its supporters. With but a little luck in the earlier games the College would have been now in the lead. The Junior Grade teams have done well, and there are players fresh from school who may rest assured that they are merely serving a necessary apprenticeship to a place in a Senior team next year.

The Third Grade teams have been most unsatisfactory. Well over 100 players put their names down at the beginning of the season, and the Committee accordingly entered six teams in the competitions. It has been found impossible to get a full team out for the Third fixtures. Now this is due entirely to the faintheartedness and the lack of interest displayed by a number of Third Grade players. If students do not intend to play all through the season, they should not mislead the committee by signing the notice calling for the names of players. The Third B team has now been withdrawn, and the club is confidently looking forward to a far more successful end of the season than beginning. The results of matches played during the season will be recorded in the September number of "The Spike."

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